Range Report: Brand New S40 A-1

Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by Perry, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. Perry

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    Okay here's my Steyr S40 A1 journey. My children ordered a Steyr S40 A1 for Christmas for me on December 21st (What great kids!) It finally arrived on January 23rd. I took to the range on the January 27th. I fired 75 rounds of Federal range & target ammo through it without one hitch. Prior to taking it to the range I totally cleaned and lubed it and ran the slide 400 times without letting it slam forward. I dry fired it probably 100 times. My procedure was learned after many hours of research prior to first time firing. I'll never know if I had to do this, that being said, my results were flawless. Anyone that has any doubts about this pistol please allow this post to lay them to rest. What a great pistol. Five guys went with me to the range (Glock, & Springfield owners) All of them were greatly impressed. And I was proud.
    PS Great tutorial to download on this site concerning step by step cleaning and lubing.
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    Congrats these are incredible guns, oh yeah and wonderful children to get it for you.