Range Report: 40, 9 & 40-357 'Rooster Cogburn'

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    Finally made it back to the range on Good Friday. I was almost the only heathen on the range except for a pair of trap-skeet shooters. I had my new M40-A1 to baptize plus my new-to-me FEG 9mm Hungarian-made Browning.

    All the red-man targets are 11"x14" size, shot from 25 feet, seated with a rest.

    First, the M40-A1 with WWB 165-gr. FMJs, 12 rounds. Target 1 starts off great with 3 in the 9 ring, 9 in the 10 ring. Target 2 is a tighter group that makes the 9 and 10s harder to count, one in 8 ring. Target 3 has 5 in the 9 and 7 in the 10. Obviously, this pistol can shoot better than I can see.


    Next up is the FEG 9mm Hungarian-made Browning with WWB 115-gr. FMJs, 15 rounds per target.

    Target 1 has 2 in the 9, several in the X ring and the rest in the 10 ring. Target 2 has 2 in the X ring and the rest in a tighter group than target 1, but a bit low. This pistol, too, shoots better than I can see. It has traditional front-post, rear-slot black sights which may be a bit more precise on targets than the Steyr traps.


    Now the FEG 9mm with WWB 147-gr. JHPs, 15 rounds per target. Target 1, 2 in the 9, the rest in the 10 and X rings. As Wulf would say, "Dayam!" However, one FTEject out of 15. Not a good sign. Target 2 is "Dayam 2", one cuts the 9 ring, rest in the 10 and X rings. No FTEs. Dayam indeed! I love this pistol! Just gotta shoot it some more to make sure that FTE isn't a bad habit. (Confession. A good strip and clean might help it out a lot.)


    Finally, some sheer idiocy. M40-A1 in the right hand with 14 rounds, M357-A1 in the left hand with 14. I call it the Rooster Cogburn drill. Couldn't find my eye patch and no, Wulf, I did not try this NEKKID! The range was empty so I wouldn't have got arrested. But mid-50s was too chilly.

    This is shooting at a full-size man target, standing, 21 feet, alternating hands as quickly as I could shoot and reacquire the target. One hit outside the 7 ring at top corner of right shoulder; 4 in 8 ring, 17 in the 9 ring, 4 in the 10 ring and 2 in the X ring. Not bad for a totally useless drill. Lot of fun, but not useful except in a movie.


    DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! Or on the range either. I had at least 2 or 3 FTEjects each with the 40 and the 357, no doubt due to limp wristing. I've never had an FTE with 600+ rounds in my M357-A1, so that's gotta be the cause.

    And oddly enough, the last round in the M40A1 was an FTF. Click. Eject and reload. Click. Eject and reload. Click. I had one FTF with my 357 the first day at the range and discovered I had not fully closed the slide. Reloaded that round and it fired. But this 40 WWB FMJ must be a dud. It has three distinct firing pin marks on the primer.

    Final observations. I was surprised to find the M40A1 has slightly MORE recoil than my M357-A1. Since the 357 has higher ballistics, I expected less recoil from the 40, not a bit more. But that observation came from sitting. Standing in the Rooster Cogburn drill I could tell no difference shooting one-handed.

    And of course, the FEG 9mm recoil was less than either the 40 or the 357. That's to be expected both from the round and the pistol, an all-steel weapon vs. lighter polymer generally results in less recoil.
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    nice shootin' tex!!

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    Good shootin', *foto* :)

    I like doin' the double fisted lead toss, too, but I usually just throw out a can and make it dance around. They don't like ya doin' that much at the public ranges but when ya really make the can dance around, they usually turn the other cheek, in my experience. :twisted: Hava great weekend. :)


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    Fun way to burn ammo