Rail Mount on older M40

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    I love my M40 and would love it even more if I new the name of the mount type intended for use with the earlier M40. I understand the redesigned model switched to incorporate the Picatinny system. What is the original mount called and where can I get one for my M40.

    Eric Hanson
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    I know MDW carries them, they are in the web links under retail. I don't know if anyone else carries them.
    Good luck.

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    Hey, thanks a lot you guys. I've been searching for a long time and finally found the mount I need thanks to you both.
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    Man.. I would also like to have one for my M9, but I just can't swallow the $95. Only paid $290 for the gun, just can't do it. Besides that, i think it looks like too big of an add on, just for a rail.
    I'll figure something cheaper out to work on it.
    Or just get an A1. :roll:

    Man I'm anxious to get my grip plug seeing as how it'll be the first "add-on" I've bought for mine. A carbine kit would definately be kick arse!! Is there somewhere you can call and order one of those, because I cant find them online anywhere!
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    Here's a pic of my M40 (pre chromed)
    with the adapter and the Laser Devices Las-Tac II.

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    please stop posting Steyr porn. :p 8-O :oops: I get all tingly looking at that picture.

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    in my brownell's new products catalouge there is a add on rail for early model glocks. Don't have the part number handy, but it looks like it might work.

    it's basicly a stake-on P-Rail from the looks of it.

    Later tonight I'll try to find a link.
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    $60 for something a product that might or might not work and says "Installation requires permanent alteration of the frame and must be completed by a competent gunsmith or machinist." seems like a bad gamble.