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    I've got a question? I bought a used S40 which had the slide hard chrome by Tripp Research. It's possible that it was once own by a fellow Steyr member (Cruise) as he had a hard chrome S40 and M9 on the forum for sell and lives in the same town as myself. The gun shop I bought the S40 from stated the party traded a S40 & M9 on some other firearms.

    The question refered to: (Is that the S40 has a steel guide rod with a captured recoil spring, which appears to be factory made.) If so, do all the S40 have a metal guide rod or is this an after market recoil spring assembly? Are there any other companies making them for the M9 & M40?

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    All S series come with the metal guide rod and captured spring. The only way to get one for an M series is to order one from Jack Ash Custom Shop. His rods are uncaptured though and don't come with a spring. You need to use your stock spring that is on the plastic (stock) guide rod.


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    click on the advertisement that cycles through on the lower left of this forum, or PM mod 12voltman (he's jack ash).

    he makes to order part time so it might not always be quick