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Questions about a new-to-me M40A1

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Hello, this is my first post.

The other day I was able to do a bit of horse trading and walked away with a Steyr M40A1 with three mags and a box of hollowpoints. I've only got serious time behind Glock 9mms (my first pistols, and what I carry currently), but I knew of Steyrs, had heard good things, and when I handled the pistol I knew I wanted it. As I understand it, the three letter code is a date code. Mine is ZOM, which I believe corresponds to June 2005 production. The gun is used, but it does not appear to have been fired much; very little wear on the barrel, slide release, slide, breach face, etc. Assuming these show internal wear like Glocks, I'd estimate that it has less than 300 rounds through it.

Ammo is scarce locally. I was able to get 25 rounds of Remington Golden Sabers included in the trade, but I do not want to fire those. This is the only .40 pistol I own and I'd rather hang onto the SD ammo. I'm currently trying to source a box or two of FMJs so I can test the gun.

As a beginner Steyr owner, here are my questions:
- I've read that the M40A1s have had ejection issues. Is it likely that my 2005 production gun will exhibit these issues? Is the 1911 spring fix that I've seen mentioned a likely fix if it does show issues?
- Do any reloaders have a recommended load? I have a lot of components for 9x19, .38SPL, and .45ACP, and can source brass and bullets for .40 fairly easily. I plan on getting a set of dies and loading for the .40 to offset long-term shooting costs (I'm a student -- cheap is good). Are lead bullets OK in Steyrs, or do I need to go with a plated bullet? I've heard that the M-series shows fairly mild recoil due to the high grip the gun forces you to take, but am I correct in assuming that a 180grn round is going to show up as a fairly mild load? (I'm completely new to .40)
- I'll continue to carry my G19 for the time being, but eventually I plan on giving the .40 a whirl as, from handling it, I really like how it feels and it's about the same size as the 19. I currently carry appendix with the Glock, and my current maker of choice (Custom Carry Concepts) does offer holsters for the M-A1s. However, are there any (fairly inexpensive) production holsters available that I could try before getting in line again at CCC? For a test holster, it mainly needs to be available in straight drop and it shouldn't be of the Crossbreed style (leather backing, hard kydex shell -- doesn't work for AIWB). My preference for a striker gun is for kydex/hard plastic, but I can look at production leather.
- I really like the stock trapezoid sights; they're different from the Trijicon HDs I run on my Glocks, but they seem very fast. Having said that, if I decide to go with night sights down the road, how hard is it to fit sights from other guns to the Steyr? The night sight selection seems very limited, and I don't care for simple three-dot arrangements (they're slow for me).
- In the event that the gun shows serious problems, what is Steyr's warranty like? I've heard good things about their CS, but I can't find anything definitive. This is a used gun that I got from a private-party, and I don't have any paperwork with it.

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Hi Seasboer, for a quick,relatively cheap holster I'd go with a Galco L119L IWB holster ($30ish). Its designed to be worn behind the hip @ 4:00, but a friend of mine tried it for appendix and liked it. I like the Galco and carry my S40-A1 in it (there's enough room for the MA1). As for night sights, Trijicon is the only manufacturer that I'm aware of and its a 3 dot system. Good luck with ammo, you're going to need it. Enjoy your new gun!
Welcome to the SteyrClub!

You may or may not have an extraction issue. I had one with my two M40-A1s, dated 2005. The 1911 spring fixed that. I reload, and use the Precision Bullets 185 gr for USPSA shooting. The 155 or 170 gr bullets are excellent as well. $108/1K. Good folks to do business with. I use Brassman for my brass. Use plated or the polymer coated bullets rather than straight lead, you spend much less time cleaning the weapon, and you don't have toxic residue around - well, you don't have toxic lead residue around...

As far as nightsights go, 3 dots is about the beginning and end of it. You can use some of the fluorescent paint and get pumpable sights (blue or UV pumps them), they work for a couple of hours. I'm not into nightsights, I use an indexed tac flashlight, so someone else may be a better reference than I.

The customer service from SteyrArms in Trussville, AL can't be beaten.
clearing the mag, and then the chamber :m40a1
racking the slide the round doesn't eject. When you look into the slide, the round appears jammed.
on snap cap not an issue. Anyone has answers?
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