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Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by Texasman71, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. Texasman71

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    So here I am I love my M9 A1... But I consider it a defense hangun for home use and put a tlr 2 on it. Carring it is a option only suited for cold weather... To second my Desert eagle.40.

    Anyway, Does anyone know about the Kahr mk 9. Recently I had a chance to check one out at my choice gun range. It looks like a quality built pistol and all. Anyone have first hand experience. Or a heads up what would be the best conceal carry. I do live in texas so concealing a full size pistol is hard weather premiting.

    In your honest opinion thanks. Let's hear it
  2. babj615

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    Desert Eagle 40?

    Ya mean Baby Eagle?

    I have a few of those! Love the grip!! Do you have the rubber grips for 'em? Get 'em if you don't!!

    I also have a Kahr, or two, or three, I forget......

    ...anyhow.... Great little piece of machinery!!! I see more of them in my future!


  3. Syntax360

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    I've heard a lot of good things about the Kahrs, though it's worth mentioning that I've heard the steel framed versions are rock solid while the plastic frames can be hit and miss in the reliability department...

    What is your build like - I'm curious why you think the Steyr would be too hard to carry? Have you ever tried? I think you would be surprised...
  4. Texasman71

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    Yeah I tried it on a few occasions. It seems to bulky to conceal carry on warm days. Wearing a jacket etc not bad. Other then that I did consider the kahr mk 9 steel version, and stuffed it in my pants front and back it's light wieght and versatalitly got me sold. Warm weather concealment and all.... I need to take it out to the range and practice with it etc.. Will keep ya guys informed of my findings. Maybe post up a review bout it :mrgreen:
  5. ThaiBoxer

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    I carry a Kahr PM40 quite often, either in pocket or IWB in a "tucked" CTAC with V clips OR in a Crossbreed Supertuck. Invisible, even in shorts and a T shirt. Have it on right now.

    I also carry a Steyr M40 in IWB Crossbreed Supertuck while wearing cargo shorts, pretty easily.

    The Kahr is easier to hide, mine is agem for reliability, only problems I had were limited to a single magazine.

    A 5 shot .38 Smith 642 is really easy in the pocket also. When you boil off the BS and hype, a 642 is plenty of gun for the CHL citizen. The other guns are more fun.