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Discussion in 'Forum Issues' started by Crunchy_Monk, Feb 13, 2008.

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    I have noticed, and was mildly curious, as to the purpose of the Donation tab at the top of the forum page. Is this to cover Forum administration (web domain) costs, or for something else? If it is for Domain costs, then Ill gladly start making donations from my paychecks (care of the state of Florida :p), for I think I might cry if this site were ever to disappear into the obscurity of the interweb :p

    Anyways... just a random question.

    Had half a hope that maybe you all supplied us with spiffy T-Shirts. LOL.
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    The money doesn't go to the forum, in all actuality we draw names each month to see who get's their stipen for the profits. Most are used to purchase cheap wine and ammo for your local outing.......... :oops:

    Hey Crunchy Monkey,

    I too was a little hesitant coughing up money that might be spent for profit or padding the pockets of those who give their time to keep this forum going. Yes they are investing time away from their families and friends spending way too much time to working their way for massive fortunes. I remember I too was a little hesitant, but the brainwashing started hard at first and got easier........ :oops:

    I'm sorry.... :beer: , [hick up].

    You will find soooooo much information not given by any certain person, but a group of some really nice people who take their time walking you through your problems. Maybe you want to take your weapon apart (not just the slide, but down to the minute screw and spring) or re-define the way it shoots (Go Gary). Everyone in here are gentlemen, teachers and students. Each have their advantages, some are learning as they go.

    Try walking into a gunsmith and ask him/her to teach you how to break the weapon down free of charge.... they won't (unless he is your friend). The money I spent was WELL SPENT. The cost of the forum can build up quickly, but by sending in twenty, thirty a year the (your) money is well invested. Plus your status shows you care that this forum succeeds.

    In fact, I once flashed the room my rear-end. They tried to vote me off the island, but along with the initial investment, you get a free "Get-Outta-Jail" card.

    Trust me, the value you get in this forum in not measureable. I believe that someone should get paid for their time, these guys don't demand it. There is not a VIP/Paid section, but all is free. These guys (hey Deluxe, you owe me another card) don't make any profit because the money goes to pay for server space. Ask me what I pay for my server space (in a PM) and you'll be happy to cough up some money for the space and their time.

    One last thing- Since this is my month for kick backs, please send alot of money. :pray:

    PM me and I will set your heart at rest. Great tutorials (yet free) should be paid, to keep this room alive. You'll see alot of names every month, but our members always keep coming back. I think because our spouses let us off of probation. :D

    Take Care My Friend and Welcome to the Forum,