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    Hello All. I just qualified today with my new M357-A1 and I give most of the credit to the Steyr’s grip angle and sites. I find that it aims easily and shoots where it’s aimed. But I do have a couple of problems, one of them serious. First the minor problem, I’m getting spent cases in the face. The ones that land on my safety glasses don’t bother me too much but the ones that wack me on the forehead are really distracting. Second is the serious problem, I’m getting light-strikes from the firing pin causing many (30%) rounds to fail to fire. Then to aggravate the failure to fire problem, when I yank the slide to clear the round it doesn’t always clear and now I have a stove-pipe to brush off. Then aggravating things further, the stove-piped unfired round I just brushed off is fallowed by a fresh round that doesn’t want to go up the ramp into the chamber. But like I said, I did qualify, and that says a lot for how this weapon points and aims because I certainly didn’t give my best effort.

    Questions: How long is my warrantee? (My dealer thinks its lifetime. I think its one year.)
    My dealer’s gunsmith will look at it first before it goes to Steyr. Do you think he will cure the problem?
    If you think it will end up back at Steyr, does it have to go all the way to Georiga?
    Has anyone had to have a gun sent back for repair?
    How long did it take and how happy are you with the repair?

    Thanks for your any advice and thanks you for this site.

    Oh and to give back some good advise, I bought a Blade-Tech duty holster and a two mag pouch for my M-A1 and they are both fantastic. Not cheap, but fantastic. Just so you know, they aren’t stocking them but they do have the mold so when you order one they’ll make it. It is worth a short wait, in my opinion.
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    didnt say how many rounds you had through the gun.

    brass in the face happens with low round count.

    did you clean the gun? use alot of oil?

    light strikes that I have seen were from too much oil in the striker channel. I have shot small rifle primers without issue in my steyr which are good amount tougher than small pistol primers.

    congealed factory grease in striker could do it also

    technicly one year but steyr has been honoring pistols past that.
    if you went through davidsons aka galleryofguns they have lifetime but davidsons takes care of the warranty.

    turn around has varied some get it back as early as 2 weeks.

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    warantee is lifetime. If problems persist send it to Steyr.
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    Thanks for your posts MrApathy and madecov.

    Less than 200 rounds.

    Gun cleaned raw with brake clean. Bore cleaned with Hoppes, Gun lubed with Gun Butter thin film on firing pin, bolt lock guides and barrel. Silicon cloth for the finish. Thats it.

    I didn't go nust with the Gun Butter. But I'm not sayint thats not the problem.

    I dug out my registration card that came with the pistol and it reads on the back fine print. "to the original consumer purchaser of this firearm, that the firearm is free from defects in workmanship and in materials for a period of ONE YEAR FROM DATE OF PURCHASE by the original consumer purchaser.

    I'ts nice to hear that this are stepping up fo guns out of warranty. But there documentation cleary states one year.
    Thanks again guys and I'll let you know what happens.
    Personally, I'm confident that I'll get my issues fixed and have a dependable pistol.
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    I just took my Steyr M with aftermarket 357sig barrel out for a spin this weekend. it has to be fitted again, it jammed on every other round, but that is a fitting issue. Good choice on calibers. I love the way the recoil is sucked up by the Steyr. I put the Hogue universal overgrip on it for more secure grip. If your hands aren't too small give it a try. Unfortunately Steyr's require a break-in period. I'm sure your probelms will end with a little more shooting time....................When I first got my M9 a Gold Dot wouldn't even fit in the chamber in full lock up until a couple of hundred rounds........now its 100%reliable........... 8)
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    Hiya Duder :)

    Congrat's on qualifyin' with your M357-A1...Bravo! :p Far as brass in the face, I had a few o' those the first couple hundred rounds with factory ammo, Wal-Mart 125 gr Win FP's. After I started reloading I had fewer and after 500-600 rounds fired, nearly none, leastwise none that I can remember. I did have a repoir with a former SAI servce repair guy, Alan Cornett and just before he left, he was talking about the brass in the face extraction problem being delt with in Austria and the fix in the works. So, its obviously not an isolated incident. Anyway, if it persists, contact Steyrarms and hava chat with Jeff, the new service dude. Post what he has to say. He's gonna be interested in the FTF's anyway. G'luck with it. It seems that the more I shoot my M357-A1, the less trouble I have with it...and it with me. :wink:

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    I'll let you know

    Wulf and Shooter, thanks for your posts.
    I'm working crazy hours so it might take me a while to get to the gunsmith but I will post the results.

    I think its important to say, because more negative things get said than positive, that I'm soo happy with the way this gun points and shoots that even if (and I'm not saying I will) had to pay to correct my problems..I would. To elaborate, I owned a P220 and found its craftsmanship and asthetic perfect. But for me the Sig required high effort to shoot even decent. I would get much better results from a Glock than the Sig with the same effort. The Steyr is the perfect shooter for me, grip angle, sites, compact size and light weight. I'll get it working. And I do belive my problems are the exception not the rule. (Brass in the head isn't the problem I'm I consider big. Failure to fire is)

    Note:Ammo first 50rds no name junk 50 percent failure rate on first strike. Four or five fired with a second or third run threw. The remaining rounds that would not fire also would not fire from a Glock. So I blamed it on the Ammo.
    My second time shooting the pistol was qualifing (like I said, long work hours) That Ammo was Winchester Ranger and Speer Gold Dot. I obviously (qualifing) did not run that threw for a second strike.

    If a Steyr rep is reading this...I love you're design and I'm personally commited to it. But, I'm sure this is obvious. No one around me except the range boss knew that Steyr made pistols. And, if this is comon, after what they witnessed I'm guessing you are in for uphill battle to gain respect for the name. PS. they were all shootiing Glock's and had no problems but I out scored them not beause of my aim but because of Steyrs pistol. Thats not blowing sunshine, I really didn't devote serious seconds and thought into my aim.

    I'm looking forward to doing a ton of shooting with this pistol. I certain that with no problems and a better effort I would have easily scored perfect.

    Not to drag this out, but I want to say something abut the trigger. I'm not having any any problem at all with the trigger. Its low effort and consistant. But I'm sure I will be shooting much better after I get some more shots with it. It feels funny to me still but I see that if you treat it like two triggers, you can get a very decent distant aimed shot. Pull to move the center safety in to the triger, feel that you are on the trigger then pull the extra little bit to fire. I like it much better than Glocks long-stroke sloppy sizer trigger. I think many of you agree.
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    I had a brass to the face problem with my M9 A1 it slowly improved and after about 1000 rounds it was a LOT better. (I changed the extractor at about 1000 rounds) One thing I found that with light ammo the extraction is pretty sloppy. Btw I never had any Failures to fire.
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    Hello All,
    Just wanted to type off a quick update relating to my M357’s soft striking/FTF problem. I took the gun to a gunsmith today and he thinks it’s possible that the firing pin is out of specification. Meaning, its possible the firing pin is too short. So I will be calling Steyr the first chance I get to see what I need to do to ship the gun to them.
    Thanks again for the input. Also have to thank The Steyr Club for the phone number to service Phone number 770-888-4201. Ha, ha, the gun shop couldn’t come up with a number.

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    Steyr needs to get on these niggling little problems before it causes long term problems for them