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Purchased S40 and mags!

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I finally found a S40 I was happy with, purchased from a dealer online from New Mexico. Found it on with 2 ten rds mags. After purchase he sold 2 more S mags for $10 each. Gun was a Demo gun, little use and looks brand new. Took it to the range and gave it a 200 round diet with no problems at all. Shot surprisingly well for a small 40cal.

Really wanted a new one but I could not find one so I chose a used one. I purchased my M40 the same way and I have fired thousands of rounds through it with any problems at all except for the occasional hit in the head with a shell, usually low grade ammo.

Still good deals if you look for them and do your homework. Contact dealer find out a little history before you buy.

Next is my S40 deal in Mn.
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Bought it on GunBroker, paid $279 for gun and the 2 mags plus an addititional $20 for 2 more mags. Yeah, pretty happy, shoots awesome. Now I just need a M357 to make my collection complete! :D
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