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    I'm from Arizona and have become intrigued with the Steyr pistol. I currently own two rifles, a Steyr Mannlicher and a Steyr SSG. It goes without saying I'm very impressed with Steyr.

    I just came back from the NRA meeting in Atlanta where I spoke with the Steyr representatives at the show. I have been thinking hard about the L9-A1, but both Reps encouraged me to consider the M9-A1'instead. They both said they personally shot the M9 better than th L9. Can anyone on the forum offer any sage advice on the relative merits of the two?

    Also, can anyone offer suggestions about improving the trigger? The trigger pulls on the show samples were not heavy but were rather gritty. The Steyr armorer indicated he doesn't do trigger work for customers, but I might get some good advice from forum members.

    Any input would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
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    I'm from NJ and have just ordered my first Steyr pistol, the M9-A1. I can't speak to how it shoots or how the trigger is as I have not picked it up yet. As soon as I do and get it out to the range, I will update the post. I am intrigued by this pistol as well.

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    Hey AZ,
    I have had the M9( 2006) and now i have the L9,(2017)
    I like the L9 over the M9. the weight is better for me , Im have been use to my Springfield357 sig for the last 10ys or so . as for the trigger I would shoot 500 to 1K rounds and brake it in , before doing anything to it , I have put 450 rounds in my sofar and it seams to be getting better as i go. I plan to doing a polishing of the inside parts just to make them all nice a smooth .
    the M9 to the L9 is only like 0.25" longer. but the new gen 4 feels so good in the hand , the weight is just right , if you like the nose to be just a littel bit heavyer than the back go with the L , the M feels back heavy to me , hope this helps
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    I'm out of Phoenix AZ. Have owned a Steyr M9-A1 for a few moths. I've shot probably 400 to 500 rounds through the weapon with outstanding results. The trigger is probably the best I've used, short reset, smooth and very predictable. I've shot Glocks, 1911s, .38 wheel guns and by far this is the softest pistol I've ever shot. The targeting sights enable very quick, accurate target acquisition and outstanding accuracy. The unit doesn't like 9mm Winchester whitebox (wally world cheap) FTE issues. It loves Speer gold dot, Remington, Blazer brass, and Sig sauer V crown. Did I say I liked this weapon? ​