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Proper Sight Picture Question

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I am a new owner of a Steyr M40. I really enjoyed shooting it at the range but had a question on proper sight alignment. In shooting with both front and rear sights lined up and the tip of the triangle on the target, I grouped well, but low. I am an avid rifle shooter, but this is my first pistol. What is the proper sight alignment for the triangle/trapezoid sight system? Any help with proper pistol shooting form/technique would be greatly appreciated!
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the proper sight alignment is depicted on the steyr logo. the tip of the triangle is held at the top of the rear sight.

idpasteyr has a great grip tutrorial.

shooting low is very indicative of anticipating recoil. meaning pulling the gun down just before firing.

best way to combat this is to dry fire. just sit around at home and practice gently squeezing the trigger until you hear it go click. then, after practicing, head to the range.

you should see the sights come at you when you fire. if you hold it dead on target and watch the slide come at you, you can't miss.
proper sight alignment

Thanks for the help! If anyone has any additional tips, I'd be glad to hear them.
You may not even realize it, but you may be gripping the pistol tighter before each shot in anticipation of the recoil. Even a slight increase in grip strength applied right before your shot will equal shooting low on a target. Try to keep you grip steady and constant.

Sounds like you've got the right sight alignment now you just need to improve that grip. However, remember since your new it doesn't hurt to be overly percise in your shooting stance, grip, breath control and trigger squeeze.


If you still have trouble on your own after three or four shooting sessions than take a look into taking a shooting instructions course from an NRA certified instructor. Most gun shops have flyers for local shooting courses or know of them if you ask. I always find its best to learn the right way first than have to try and correct bad habits later.

NO ONE gets his/her first pistol, walk on to an IDPA course and shoots like a pro without having gone through the basics. Even if you've had experience in the military or long ago with pistols it doesn't hurt to take a refresher.

Take one thing at a time and take your time! Best advice I can give.
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