Prohunter SBS Mountain .270 Field Report

Discussion in 'Other Rifles' started by alagator, Nov 28, 2005.

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    Just got home from the first week of the Alabama deer season. Used my new Prohunter .270 with the 20 in. barrel. A real pleasure from a treestand, very well -balanced, easy to aim and maneuver. I took all the spacers out of the adjustable stock-- the shorter length-of -pull fits my small frame and accomadates thick clothing. The result is a 270 that handles like a Marlin lever action-- short and sweet to swing.The three -position tang safety is silent, easy to engage, and makes it much easier to shift to left-handed shots. The short barrel makes it easy to shift to the left-hand position, so you don't have to twist your body around to shoot to your extreme right-- just change shoulders. I was concerned about follow-up shots. The SBS system uses a very heavy camming action to open and close the bolt, and it was very stiff from the bench. Turned out to be no problem on the hunt--- The excitement of the shot must add a little boost to my old muscles! Luckily, no followup shots were needed when taking several does, but the rifle was cycled and ready if needed. The adjustable trigger came from the factory at 3.5 pounds, and is a wonder. It feels almost like an M9 trigger-- you gently take up slack, it reaches a very noticeable point of resistance, then it will fire with any additional pressure. This is the best trigger I have used, I like it better than the aftermarket Timney I put in one of my Rugers. All shots, even the left-handed ones, were dead on. With my freezer almost fillled for the year, I can now spend the rest of the season (through Jan 31) looking for a wall-hanger. If this rifle continues to work this well for me, I may be selling a few guns at the season's end. It's only shortcoming is the velocity loss with the shorter barrel, and I have shot it from ladder stand rails out to 250 yards keeping it in the 6-inch circle. I can't do that at 300 yards, which is why I also have a Prohunter in 7mm Rem Mag with a 24 in. barrel. As the British would say, I am spoilt for choice! I highly recommend these Steyr rifles to anyone looking for an accurate deer rifle.
  2. Nice,

    Currently I do my deer hunting with my shotgun because in my part of the state the Department of Natural Resources only allows rifle hunting past a certain point in the northern part of the state. However, recently my father bought a cabin in a rifle approved hunting area and I'm thinking of getting a nice bolt action rifle.

    So, thanks for the first hand impression.

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    congrats on your new rifle, i am currently looking to buy a pro hunter with a 20 inch barrel.
    i understand that when you press the trigger forward on the pro hunter the trigger sets resulting in a very light trigger pull. my question is do you recommend using the set trigger while hunting given that you have a stable firing position?