Prohunter Field Report

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    Now that the dust has sesttled from the Alabama deer season (ended Jan.31), here is a report on the Prohunter Mountain in 270 Winchester.

    I was in England and missed the November and December parts of the season, didn't get to hunt camp until January 8. Over the following three weeks I harvested five does and a 12 point buck. The rifle performed flawlessly from treestands, shooting houses, ground blinds, and once from prone in a hayfield. Ranges were from about 70 to about 125 yards. Longer shots at does were available, but they were so plentiful (too plentiful) that I limited myself to the easy shots. The buck was about 80 yards.
    I was very pleased at the quick and easy handling of the short barreled rifle, and love the 3-position tang safety. The flush mounted quick-detach swivels add to the easy handling when the sling is removed once you are in the stand.
    My advice to anyone wanting a great deer rifle: Get in on the CDNN sale.