Professional M with Apel swingoff mounts.

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    Hi every one, Im a new menber here in the UK, this is probably a FAQ, but Im still finding my way around the site. I stalk in the UK, and shoot around 50 to 100 deer a year on 5000 acres of areble land, Ihave a m series with synthetic stock with Apel swing off mounts. Im changing my scope to a Burris, and am unsure of how to refix the mounts correctly. The front mount has a sqaure locateing system, the rear mount has a spring loaded clip with a lug that stops against the rear mount. Its solid when fitted with a scope, but the rear base appears to have no lockup fectures off the rifle. Is there a correct way to install them, Im sure someone out has the answer, we have 6 species of deer in the UK Red Sika Fallow Muntjac Roe and Chinease water deer. we have no limits to adhere too, but my role on my area is that of a deer manager, to maintain the population to a level the farm will tolerate. best wishes keep your powder dry and aim straight. Deerwarden.
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    Hiya *warden :)

    Dayam that felt weird 8-O Anyway, I'm sorry I can't help ya but welcome aboard and where do I sign to getta job like yours??? 8-O

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