probably a fumb question for you guys, but...

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    Oh aren't helping me look any less dumb when ya change dumb to fumb....

    Gun: Steyr m40-a1

    Looking for: cavalry holster

    I am not interested at this time in a concealed carry holster. Ideally I would like something that sits below my belt like a cavalry holster (curves and when driving... A holster jammed in my side doesn't appeal to me whatsoever!)... My husband has found one for his 1911, and I am very jealous. I am in south Texas with lots of brush and... Foot traffic... The "foot traffic" that cross the ranch tend to give a wide berth to those that openly carry. As a female, I am more likely than a bulky male to be viewed as a easy target if happened upon out in the middle of nowhere on 100,000+ acres. I have no qualms about defending myself, and want to deter those folks as much as possible when working, fishing, or hunting out here, and husband by side is not always an option.

    Rambling as it is, does this make any sense? Suggestions?
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    My best advice would be to get a low cost universal thigh rig / tactical holster, remove the thigh straps and shorten it until it is more of an ultra-low ride belt holster. I bought one from Opsgear for $22 and use it in that same configuration when out camping. It has 2-3 different velcro straps that allow for a perfect fit and use a thumb strap for retention. Might be a little bulky when driving, but then all you have to do it hit the buckle and take it off. Snaps back on in a flash.


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    I've always wanted to check out the Bianchi Universal Military Holster. If you have the store that carries them, I'll bet you could find one that fits