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So my wifes new (old) S&W 19-3 is at the smith getting a trigger and action job. He asked us how light we wanted to go, he does a different trigger job for defense guns than for competition guns.

Basicly he said we would have to sick w/ federal or remingto ammo, or at least primered ammo (we chose the comp job, but her carry sp101 has had his carry job).

Winchester and cci primers are much harder he said, and the difference in pull weight for DA would be noticeable.

So for all you reloaders, who else makes primers and how hard or soft are they compared to these four? And which manufacturers use which ones (PMC, magtech, etc)?

Anyone know what Lancer ammo uses? otherwise I'll write to ask them.

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I shoot a Taurus 455 revolver(.45 ACP) and the only primer that will go off reliably in double action is the Federal. The Winchester large pistol primers would go bang in single with some requiring double strikes. Stick with the Federals for revolver ammo. Mike C.

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MrApathy said:
wouldnt get a competition trigger job for defense pistol. nor would I use a competition pistol for defense if I had a choice..
agreed, her purse snubbie and her IDPA 19 have different triger jobs based on their role.
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