Primer Difference

Discussion in 'Ammunition and Reloading' started by Hilborne, Nov 18, 2007.

  1. Hilborne

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    Trying to learn how to reload and have a question. I have load data for Hornady 40 cal HP XTP using Unique and a Winchester WSP primer. I have everthing except the WSP, but I do have CCI 500 primers. Is there an appreciable difference in these two primers that I need to worry about? Thanks

  2. Shooter

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    CCi primers are a bit harder to ignite, but I wouldn't worry about primer differences with a standard load, it'll still shoot fine........

  3. kraigster414

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    The only primers I have had problems with and it's fairly consistent are CCI's. They tend to be harder to seat. In order of preference, I stick to Federal followed by WW. I haven't seen Remington primers in a long time.
  4. MrApathy

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    cci primers are hotter than the rest. newer wsp and federal are pretty soft. probably some older wsp's that are little harder but not as bad as wsp.

    I use cci's primarily they work for me and do well on my hornady 5 station.

    remington are comparable to older wsp's. carefull if you go with remington they have some labeling and information messed up
    they have magnum primers not clearly labeled.

    havent tried others than that.

    if your loading 9mm and plan to go +p cci is the best choice it will hold the pressure best.
    Federal would be about the last for +p