PRICE REVISED!!! Blade Tech Holster(s), Steyr M9-A1 Ultimate holsters pacakge

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  1. FreeRunner

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    Price has now been lowered. $100.00 buy it now price or best offer (and FREE SHIPPING). Good luck

    Check out my listing on eBay:

    Bladetech Holster package for the Styer M9-A1 pistol includes:

    1 - WRS level 2 duty holster (custom kydex) with duty off and drop set thigh rig and included Tek-Lok (WRS Level II Duty Ho - Styer M9 A1 - Black - Right hand / SKU: HOLX001857099549): Priced new at $119.99

    1 - Ultimate Concealment Holster (Ultimate Concealment - Styer M9/M40 - Black - Right hand / SKU:HOLX000721992363): Priced new at $74.99


    1 - TMMS Outer w/Tek-Lok (SKU: ACCX0072Aa0061AM): Priced new at $19.99

    1 - TMMS Outer w/Hardware (SKU: ACCX0072AA0058AM): Priced new at $12.99

    1 - Pair Molle-Lok Large Black: Priced new at $12.99

    Total package new would cost over $240.00 dollars.
  2. Syntax360

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    Bump for a fantastic deal. I had an identical collection of Blade-Tech stuff for my Caracal and it was awesome - you have a holster for any occasion. Good luck w/ sale!