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I'm just getting started with competition bear with me!

I'm going to start shooting USPSA Production Division soon. I've been warned that WWB 115 gr doesn't always make the floor for minor. I'm also skpetical about it's knock-down power for steel targets at any distance. All of which makes me consider something like the custom round that jng1226 uses ( ... aspx?cat=1 )

Here's my question: how much would I be hurting myself if I did most of my training/practice with the 115 gr WWB and reserved the heavier (and more expensive!) rounds for limited training and matches? The Lancer ammo costs about 25% more than the WWB -- so I'm inclined to only use it for competitions. But I'm wondering how much of a disservice I'm doing to myself but not training the way I'm going to operate.

I'd appreciate any experiences or feedback.



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i actually think it might be better, or at least not detrimental to practice w/ the wwb due to it's higher recoil. But put enough through whichever gun your going to use to ensure reliability or maybe practice w/ 2:1 wwb.

but i'm still new enough (first idpa match was in Feb) to not be an expert.

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IMHO, trigger time is trigger time. The more you can do it, the better, pure and simple. I actually practice with the cheapest stuff I can find (WWB, S&B, etc.) that works in my gun and then use Lancer Competition Loads for matches.

I agree with Chef that higher-recoiling ammo is better to train with, because when you back off to competition loads you are pleasantly surprised at the lower effort and faster recovery. To me it is like practicing at 20 yards or further when most match stage layouts will be 15 yards or MUCH closer. Making your competition easier than your practice is a good thing.

Regarding the "training how you fight" question, I don't find the recoil difference that significant (with ANY ammo you train with) to be a detriment to your preparedness for a real life SHTF scenario.

Remember that in a real-life SD shooting situation, you are likely to have stress and adrenaline levels MUCH higher than you would even in the most serious competition. Your fine motor skills that would be detecting the difference between premium SD, WWB and competition loads will likely be dulled. The shock of that first shot without hearing protection will add to the sensory tunnel-vision and frankly I doubt you would even know how many rounds you fired, much less what ammo you were using when it's all over.

If you shoot enough in practice or competition, you will gain enough experience to "feel" the difference between ammo and know if you're gaining an advantage by being able to follow the front sight easier with ammo that has less muzzle flip/blast/recoil. If you get that much experience you will also be VERY familiar with the trigger reset and sight picture of your pistol, which IMHO are MUCH more important than "knowing" the recoil characteristcs of different ammo.

FWIW - I carry 147 grain Ranger T (RA9T) and I find the recoil on this load to be almost indistinguishable with the Lancer Competition 147 grains and actually about 20% or so LESS than WWB 115. YMMV though.

Happy shooting - you will LOVE USPSA/IDPA!

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