power ball vs glaser ammunition

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    What is the best home defense round. I have experienced problems with the 147 grain hollow points .....so now i am thinking to swithc to a smaller grain , i just want somebody elses opinion so it does not ccst me hundreds of $$$ to shoot those expensive rounds till i find out which one is reliable for my steyr S9

  2. Syntax360

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    I prefer Winchester Ranger 127gr. +P+
  3. CGuns

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    What Syntax said.

    Followed by Speer Gold Dot.

    But the Ranger SXT 127 is a nasty round.

    Pick it up from MAH Supplies at $18.00 per box of 50 rounds.
  4. madecov

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    9mm... quality name brand ammo in the 124- 127 grain range the heavier stuff just doesn't move fast enough from a pistol. from a carbine or sub gun it would be fine. For LEO I think the 115 grain is a bit light weight , especially if auto doors and windows get involved.

    40... quality name brand in the 155-165 grain range, same story on the 180 grain 40's. the 180 grain has a poor record of expansion. The 135 grain is just too light.

    personal preferences for me are these (in no particular order)
    Speer Gold Dots
    Winchester SXT Ranger
    Remington Golden saber.

    Federal's Hydra Shock is an older design and while decent I think it has been surpassed by newer designs. Federal needs to come out with a new defensive round.
  5. ThaiBoxer

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    I went to pick some stopper loads for my M40. I usually use whatever the local cops use, which typically is Gold Dot or Golden Sabre. The gun store guy tried to sell me some 135 gr that moved at 1350 or so.

    I had 2 thoughts at that time:

    1) That sounds about like .357 magnum, except plus 10 grains and slightly wider.

    2) I have not heard anything about these loads.

    I went with the 155 gr. Gold Dots, and haven't thought of it until this post. So madecov, considering that the 135 loads are about the same as the "magical" 125 gr .357 (except heavier), why do you feel 135 gr. is too light?


  6. madecov

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    Cor-Bon did make a 135 grain load in 40.
    I feel it is a bit light for LEO purposes, when deeper penetration is needed. the 135 grain from CorBon had a tendancy to fragment. Fragmenting rounds are less than ideal when shooting through barriers.