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Potential New Owner w/ Questions...

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Hello all. I appologize in advance if I'm asking redundant questions, but the situation seems to be in flux and I would like the correct current answers. Thanks in advance.

1) What is the standard warranty on an M9

2) How is the current warranty support? Is there a US distributor/service center at this time?

3) How are the "Davidsons" lifetime warranties? (I've seen a few M9s for sale sporting these)

4) Anything I should look out for when buying this firearm? CDNN seems to have a good price on them but unfortunately they will not ship any handguns to NY, so I'll have to look elsewhere unless I find an out of state FFL who wants to play middleman.

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A product warranty sometime depends on the agreement between the dealer and manufacturer. An extended warranty could cost some more. Big dealers should be able to back their claims.

In previious threads, users state that their warranty is only for one year but some states that it is lifetime. Though I bought mine in Manila, the markings on my Steyr is of a US dealer and it carries a one year guaranty only. But the local store where I got it from said that there should be no problem in case of defect in manufacture even if its over a year. That remains to be proven. :wink:
Steyr distrobution is up and running under the manufacturer's own operation.
Warranty center is in the process of being set up and is working on a case by case basis (very slow)

Standard warranty is 1 year but Steyr is honoring even 5 year old M series guns that are being sold by CDNN.

Can't answer about davidsons as I don't do business with them.
In my experience, the Davidson's warranty is excellent.

However, I would think that it is largely dependent on the participating dealer that you buy from.

I (my wife) purchased a Firestorm .380 a while back from a local dealer who is Davidson's-affiliated. The gun shot low - way low. Like 8" or more at 10 yards. The dealer gladly took the gun back, and gave her a brand new one. No hesitation whatsoever.

Perhaps this dealer had a large part in the exchange getting taken care of, however he did say that Davidson's guarantees are 100%, and he pulled no "strings" to get the swap done.
Thank you all for the quick replies. I'm so glad I found this site. I think I'm going to pick this thing up. If I like this piece as much as I think I will it may become my winter carry. Nothing will replace my little P11 for warm weather.

Are there any significant updates I should look out for when purchasing a potentially older M9? I know some of the early ones had heavier triggers and such, but is that long enough ago that it's not probably an issues? Any other items?

I'm excited. Always liked the shoot Glocks except the grip/ergonomics never apealed to me. This may be the best of both worlds.

Oh, one more thing. What are the easy "must have" mods. Every gun has them. I've noticed several pictures with a rubber grip sleave. Is that a hogue? Is it made for the P9/40?

It is the houge universal slip on. I go back and forth, sometimes i have it on as it fills the swell of my palm better, but then I take it off as I don't like how it makes the finger rest fatter. but that's just me and my big fat sausage fingers.
Brooks tactical AGrip tape works very well on my carry S, but it has shifted some.
Some like a bike inertube.

so, grip surface, holster, and lots of mags is about it.

try the grip plug insert. Read up on it here, I'll probably get one soon.
Have a weapon that functions

Welcome to the club.

Well finally off now, since the storm, got the grip plug which I think I was one of the latest to recieve. It is worth the wait. Looks good, slips in, no need for sanding or shaving. It appears to keep the weapon cleaner. My M9 is used in a tactical format, it is my duty weapon. During Wilma I was pinned under a tree and the weapon went under water for a while, the plug stopped the big ugly stuff from getting in. Also go to the tutorials and information area and clean your weapon upon receiving it. It will improve the performance. Trust me on that one.

There are several of us now with the M9 and we are more impressed than we were with the Glock 19.

Good Shooting;

Sgt :D
where in FL are LEO's packing M's?
glad your OK after the tree
I bought it. Just need to send payment and await shipment :D

I can't wait.
Mark said:
I bought it. Just need to send payment and await shipment :D

I can't wait.
Awesome! Welcome to the club! Don't forget that we like to get a range report from new members/owners.

Cashiers check was sent today. The dealer is only 1 state away so I hope to get it quickly. I'll be sure to check in with a range report. It's supposed to be a Christmas gift but hopefully the wife will let me play early :lol:

As soon as I get a few hundred rounds through it for break-in and getting used to it, I intend to put it through it's paces in some training scenarios at the walk-through course. See how it handles in a realistic environment.
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