poor Border Patrol Agents

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    this whole thing stinks so bad its not funny.
    shoot a foreigner smuggling in 100's of pounds of drugs and go to jail even if your a Border Patrol agent. its a interesting twist when LE gets treated like a common citizen that doesnt have the bigoted rights and privilege LE in this country generally has. divide and conquer.


    sanctuary cities in the US.

    when government goes wild. :-&

    one of the 2 border patrol guards recently got beatup in prison.
    not much of a surprise LE is hated pretty bad in that crowd.
  2. Yeah,

    I'm sure these acts by our federal government will attract a lot of fine recruits to the Boarder Patrol. :roll:

    Who would want to join an agency that seems to has such little support by the government where doing your duty could wind you up in prison? Not me.

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    That's total bullsh*t (excuse my french..).

    How does an illegal alien, smuggling drugs, have more rights than LEO's..... The guy wasn't even a U.S. Citizen. How does he even have the right to sue? I swear... That makes me pretty damn mad.
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    I was listening to G.Gordon Liddy the other day and they were telling the world of the situation. He talked about the Judge sentenceing them and placing them a "general population" area.

    Let's use the worst case senario (worst case) that they guilty as h*ll. You don't put an officer in general population, they go to special confinement. What in the world was everyone thinking?

    Put the company's CEO in jail with $10K fine for each IA hired. Now with no work, they will go back home. We didn't bring them here, we shouldn't send them home. Home is where they need to go.

    My grandparents came here from Scotland, the legal way. I have some friends from Mexico here legally on visa'a. They all can do it! My friend said he had to wait a long time to get that visa. When his son was born, he and his family went home for the babtism. When they were done, they came back..... LEGALLY !!!!

    If they did it, why can't everyone else ? They want to take advantage of OUR system. One IA was arrest here in Tennessee after drunk driving killing a couple on the highway. Sounds normal? Well as court records stated. He was arrested 17 times before (DUI,drugs,assault on a polive officer, and much more). Yet he still walks away. They let him out on bail and expects him to return. Yeah right ! Well he walks, again and again 17 times.

    If they murder or assault, don't send them back so they can come back to the USA. Lock them up, make them work and pay for their bills. One Sheriff has made a statement that he has gotten their meals down to 41 cents a meal AND they have to pay for it before they eat.

    He has my vote !

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