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polygonal bore

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does the m series have polygonal rifling?
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Mine doesn't.
Makes it easier to clean, no?
no, Willem Bubbits the original designer felt that the extra couple % increase in velocity it gives was not worth the inability to shoot lead.
Does the projectile take on spin with a polyagonal bore? does it tumble?
Guess I should bone-up on ballistics since it appears I know next to nothing on the subject.
it spins the same, just something in the way the gasses are directed means more velocity (less escaping ahead of the bulllet maybe?)

it's only like a 2-3% increase. the downside is they foul easier, hence why shooting non-plated lead in a Glock is not recomended.
I believe you are thinking of IGB (impulse gun barrells) in austria.

there is a link in our links section to their US distibuter.

at least that is the only source of aftermarket barrells i know of.
No polygonal barrels in M pistols.......
Polygonal rifling? What I hear is that most glock users want to replace it... as it could not take lead... IMHO wont be getting one even if its cheaper. The main reason I got a Steyr is so that I maybe be able to use any ammo that is available without failure. Perhaps it is good for those who can afford brand new FMJ ammos.

If I could get if for free.. by all means ship one to me, just pay for the shipping.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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