Poll reveals what citizens want to do with war in Iraq

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Netfotoj, Feb 21, 2007.

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    According to Pelosi, Murtha & the Moonbats, the vast majority of Americans oppose the war in Iraq and demand we cut and run -- NOW! Right? Wrong. As in all polling, the answers you get depend on the questions you ask. Yes, most Americans don't approve of the way the war in Iraq is being handled. But no, most, 75%, don't want us to cut and run.

    Wonder what the response would be if the question was asked, "Do you want us to take the handcuffs of our troops and let them kick a$$?"

    And here's another take on the same poll that cuts to the chase immediately.

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    Perhaps. Perhaps not.

    For another take on this poll, take a look at this: http://www.talkingpointsmemo.com/horses ... ter_sa.php

    In sum, or if you don't want to venture into lefty-land, the poll had an agenda. (All polls do, and each side uses them to support their position.) Here's an insightful bit:

    Yeah, when even another GOP pollster says that you shouldn't trust the thing, it makes you wonder. Take it with a big grain of salt.


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    Have never felt that government decisions should be based on public opinion polls, anyway. Part of having a representative democracy is electing people you trust to make sound decisions, not people you trust to attempt to appear to respond to the conflicting desires of a few million different individuals in pursuit of their personal ambitions.

    As mentioned elsewhere, the notion of invading another country for the purpose of removing weapons that they might have and might use against us did not appeal to me. Was willing to go along with our President and commander of our armed forces and trust that the Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein represented an imminent danger to our country. (and maybe it did based on the information available to our president at that time)

    Now Saddam Hussein is gone, and the current Iraqi government does not appear to be threatening us with nuclear weapons or threatening to invade the US. So, the mission of our armed forces to protect America has been accomplished.

    It is a mess over there by all accounts and it is good that we stuck around and helped them get on their feet again but our military mission there is done. What is left is best managed by an internal Iraqi police force and perhaps some of our special forces to help provide intelligence and guidance in the war against global terrorism still being fought there.

    Radical Islamic fundamentalism is certainly contributing to the problems in Iraq and destabilizing the region but it is about competing ideologies and something that cannot be solved by military intervention. Unfortunately, this region of the world has a long tradition of might making right and it will ultimately be up to the people of Iraq to decide how they want to live.

    It is not something that we can "fix". Our soldiers ought to come home from there and we should limit our involvement to selling them the tools and services needed to help them rebuild their country and restore their economy.