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Polished S40 "Project Bling" NEW PIX!!!

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Polished everything i could.. Takedown,mag release,barrel square,lci,extractor,slide release... looks much much better in person than in photos.. I yet again started tinkering and decided to finish it off tonight...

opinions? Haze or Praise is warranted and appreciated...

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Great job! It looks like the slide is machined out of Titanium in the pictures. How long did that take? How much will you charge :)

Also, does this make it less corrosion-resistant?

NOPE! The tennifer treatment goes into the metal, all he did was remove the surface finish (paint if you will).
It happens over time, and can be forcibly sped up. Glockers have done it for decades.
looks good

Wish the pics were a little less blury........
sorry guys, ive been so busy lately i have not had the time to borrow my friends 5 mp digicam , hopefully when i do that the pics will be much more clear and well defined,, only used my 3.1 mp kodak easyshare for these pix.. it stinks at closeups ,but is awesome at natural photos.I promise to get some better shots..
as with any polished weapon, you will get your fair share of fingerprints dirt lead on it. once its polished you just have to wipe it sure after time the polished areas may need to be re hit with some form of a non abrasive polish liquid , such as something you would use on your chrome rimes or valve covers.. i dont forsee having to repolish my parts for a long time.. wiping off fingerprints is another thing. :)

as for charging to do a complete polish.. i have not even thought about that. i kinda did it on a whim after seeing a friends g23 with the barre; box polished.. and saw a pic of the ma1 with the polished parts. i had my neighbor the very next day come over and look at mine and he actually had me do his g27 barrel box.. he wanted to pay me , being my neighbor i said nah.. just next time you mow your lawn make it over my way:)

id consider doing a complete polish of all areas that i did on mine for roughly 75.00. mostly labor intensive.. stripping the weapon down and time..
of course while i had it apart id clean everything up if it is dirty for you.
just the barrel area i would do for 35.00.. sound fair?? chime in.
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Thanks for the info. $75 sounds like a good deal to me, especially as I hate tasks like that.

Although since I haven't even gotten my Steyr yet, it will be a bit, but I do love the look. Please do post better pics when you get a chance, perhaps some in sunlight too as that will give a better representation of the color.

Will Do.. i have done NO work whatsoever to the SLIDE itself.. it is completely original. all i would need to do the job would be the slide and barrel. and i could coach you on how to remove the mag release as to get that polished as well. that way you could keep the frame of the gun with you, while the other parts are shipped. also this way we would not need an ffl to transfer.. only need an ffl for frames .. :)

edit: almost forgot to add in.. you would also have to remove the takedown lever and slide release and send those as well for a complete polish.

barrel box area.. is just that.. the barrel.

have not attempted to polish the entire barrel shaft on a steyr as of yet. i dont see any reason it would be an issue..
new photos added to main post.

also the 75.00 complete polish would include return shipping.. so 75.00 shipped back to you.. you have to pay to get it here however.
Wow that looks pretty cool. Maybe I will do that to my Chromed S9. I bet it would look very pimp.
SturmRuger- Did you get my last E-mail?

Best, CGuns
I promise to get some better shots..
FYI, you didn't remove your serial numbers from those pics. Finish job looks pretty good! 8)
serial # doesnt matter to me since i am the original purchaser with original reciept.. :) if anyone reported it stolen , i could prove otherwise.. if it was a private party purchased firearm , that would be different. but thanx for looking out Kony.. :) and thanx for the compliment
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