Police shoot and miss 'mad' dog 12 times

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    Wednesday October 3, 02:51 PM

    From our local news - this is embarrassing! When you see the footage its from about 5 yards away.

    Police shoot and miss 'mad' dog 12 times

    Police shot at -- and missed -- a snarling dog up to 12 times outside a Porirua house last night, after a man tried to incite the animal into attacking the officers.

    The 19-year-old man also threw a tomahawk axe, logs and bottles at police who had come to arrest him, before hiding behind a fence and turning to use his partner's rottweiler on the officers.

    Police were called to the house, on the corner of Mungavin and Warspite Avenues, about 10.40pm to attend a domestic incident involving the man and the dog-owner.

    The officers searched the property, finding the man in the back yard. He began throwing objects at police, before leaping over the back fence and re-arming himself with an axe and a baseball bat.

    Inspector John Spence said the man then took his partner's rottweiler and "hyped it up, pulling its lead and screaming at the dog", and set it on police.

    Officers at the scene tried to pepper spray the "large, lunging rottweiler", but the spray had no effect.

    The young officers at the scene then began shooting at the dog as it ran around the property, he said.

    When asked why police fired so many shots at the dog, Mr Spence said shooting at moving things in real life was different to shooting at targets at the range.

    "It was a small, fast moving target. I am satisfied no members of the public were put at risk [by the shooting]," he said.

    The dog was returned to its owner, and police are not asking for the dog to be put down.

    "It belongs to the woman at the house, and we do not want to victimise her further by killing her dog."

    The 90-minute stand-off ended when police set their own dogs on the man, inflicting leg wounds serious enough to warrant surgery at Wellington Hospital. Police had three dogs at the scene.

    Detectives were still at the house this afternoon, examining the scene and questioning witnesses.

    A 19-year-old man will appear in Porirua District Court tomorrow, charged with a number of weapons offences including using a dog as a weapon, and for damaging his neighbour's car.

    Video: http://tvnz.co.nz/view/video_popup_windows_skin/1388362?bandwidth=128k

    May require some Kiwi translation. ie; "Gork" = Look or Stare
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    Thats great :lol:

    Good for the dog :D

    Bad for the police :oops:

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    that really is tough shooting!! no lie!!!

    my old man hit a running fox at 80 yards with a 30-06 with iron sights... right in the guts. it was down but not out.

    i walked within 5 feet of it , 11 times, firing 12 rounds at POINT BLANK RANGE from a shotgun and we never found the fox. it was as if he could here the click of the trigger and move immediately before the blast.

    i was completely stunned. and actually cut off my own shirt tail that day.
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    Anybody who's ever shot at a covey of quail on the rise, a cottontail rabbit flying past at a hundred miles an hour or a deer zooming by like a rocket knows exactly what you're talking about BT. Wild game is not like paper targets. :mrgreen:

    P.S. I know from experience that shirt-tail cutting for missed shots is a tradition here in North Carolina. Wonder how far afield that tradition has spread? Anybody else here ever got their shirt tail cut for missing wild game shots?

    I remember one memorable occasion when my daddy took revenge on a fellow hunter who had cut a hunk out of his shirt-tail previously for one of my dad's rare misses. This unfortunate fella missed while on a hunt with my dad and he took his razor-sharp pocket knife and cut this guy's hunting shirt clear up to his shoulder blades! :twisted:
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    D*MN Net, you brought back memories

    When I was young, my father used to take me deer hunting with this group of men. I missed my deer and had my shirt tail removed. I came back into camp and all the men were passing around the bottle and we stood around the fire and riiiiiipppppppp, off came the tail.

    Now, if a deer is running, I will whistle so it will slow down or stop for a few seconds. As for quails, I prefer buckshot.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane. My first kill was about as tramatic. We hung the deer upside down from a limb and dressed it for dinner. I would prefer eating it medium well, not drinking the blood raw. Eeww.

    Thanks Again,