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Discussion in 'Anything Else' started by FlaChef, Apr 5, 2006.

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    Was going to upload this into the phot-gallery and was feeling stupid for not figuring out how untill I read that they are tempoaraily disabled....


    To give credit this chart was made by user Bobo over on The High Road forums
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    Great Chart! Only thing missing is my personal pocket pistol, a Colt Mustang Pocketlite .380 (a gun I'm in love with, BTW).


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    I have a LadySmith j frame in 357 I bought for the wife but she prefers her S9. I changed the grips and I use it when I wear clothes that fit tighter on my body and am happy with the way it shoots.
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    That's really cool! Thanks for sharing.
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    there were a few models people thought should be on there, but it is UNDER 6" and not AT 6".
    Personally I consider the ppk/bersa/p232 types quite pocketable, but I wasn't the one putting the work into the chart :wink:
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    I love true pocket pistols.
    There are others that are missing from the list, but it appears most current production guns are there.
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    Yeah Madecov, I guessed that as well, and since the Mustang is out of production it didn't make the chart...but it's a great pistol, fits perfectly in the back pocket of my Levi's with none the wiser.

  8. My grandfather always carried a pocket pistol and that was back in the day before there was a law on the books to allow CPLs. Of course, he's dead now and never got caught. :D Grandpa's idea of gun control was proper sight alignment, breath control, and trigger squeeze.
  9. DocChronos

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    I have been carrying the NAA .32 as a back pocket "church gun" for several years. It's a reliable shooter, although it does tend to beat up your hand with much range time. I figure in a hot situation, I won't notice the sore hand. It also likes to stovepipe the last round in the magazine, but it's easy to clear when you change the mag and chamber a new round.

    I used to carry a PPK deep until a friend came up to me in church and asked, "Hey Doc, what you got there, a .380?" He had been a Marine Corps embassy guard and trained for detecting such stuff. I decided to go deeper and went with the NAA. It disappears in my back pocket or IWB holster, and so far hasn't been noticed.

    My rule is, if you see me, I'm carrying something. The problem is that I am involved in a lot of public business, so deep is necessary, which precludes the Colt 1911 I used to carry. The NAA gets me into public meetings and offices without requisite nervousness from other folks. Of course, when I am in the woods or in the mountains, or if the social situation allows, I up-load a bit.
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    I had been looking for a moderately priced NAA .32NAA caliber(for stoping power) but just recently decided not to get partly for the same reason listed, and accuracy and a lot of bad reviews. I think for the money a Bersa is the route, plus very good reviews. I would change my clothes preferences to accomodate my carry issues if I needed to carry that much. NAA is in the process of changing vendors, away from Taurus, and should be delivering to distributors in Sept. I heard they plan no new design changes, so I disappointedly decided to choose something else for now.

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    When I need a quick grab and go I must admit to using my .25 ACP Beretta 950 more than I should.
  12. Seven

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    9 mm in pocket...

    I don't like to downshift too much, carry a Rohrbaugh R9 as a pocket gun. Full 9 mm punch, running standard pressure 115 gr. GDs - not as accurate or as hot as my S9 with 124 +P GDs, which is my belt/primary gun most of the time.

    Of course, both are temporary solutions, allowing me to get to a long gun, but with either one I am comfortable that close-in stuff is covered. :p

  13. ThaiBoxer

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    Man, with all of the available small 9mm pistols, except for $$$, I see no good reason to carry anything less than a 9mm. I carry nothing less than a Kahr PM40 and it is easy as can be in a pocket holster.