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PLEASE, PLEASE Don't make carry a .........Glock............

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Well, I took a few days off from work for my anniversary and kept one day for myself.

About 2 weeks ago my M40A1 came home from service since I had the dreaded extractor issues (Fail to extract).

In the mean time I purchased a G22 from CDNN (used) in the event I had to have a pistol to qualify with on duty. I know

Anyway 8-O what the hell was I thinking, I give permission for the borad to punish me. :oops: :oops:

Anywhoooooo.........I picked up one box of WWB (100 rounds) and off to the range.
First up was the G22. I don't know if it's the sights or me but the gun shoots low and left consistantly. I know it's not me anticipating the shot.
Not to dispararage the Glock (well only a little), but it has a grip only a ham fisted ape could like. Whoverer designed the grip angle on the thing had no idea what he was doing. The trigger is horrible. Squishy and heavy with long take up and long reset. This gun has the 8lb NY trigger.

next up was the M40A1. I almost forgot how nice this gun is . The grip fits the hand like it was molded just for me. The trigger is short, clean and crisp. Groups where right on the money. POA/POI exactly where I wanted it. Groups at 7 yds were under 2". Double taps where fast and accurate and it functioned just the way it should. Extraction was perfect and ejection was exactly where it should be.

Now if Steyr could just get somone, ANYONE to make a duty holster that fits the MA1 series I won't have to worry about it and I can carry the gun all the time. I really really don't want to carry a Glock ever again.[/b]
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might try looking up DAI Advisors post on glocktalk. he modded a duty holster to Steyr M.

practicing with 8 lbs trigger is good. it will bring out your bad habits so you can work on them. as you work on them with 8 lbs trigger they will lessen on lighter trigger.

does your glock have much side to to side trigger play? number of glocks I have handled and shot always seem to have it.

what happened to the walther?
Low and to the left...that sounds like me shooting every Glock I ever owned. For some reason I always shot low and to the left with Glocks...I thought it was me. I never shot any Glock accurately. I am sticking with Steyr's because they are well built and I am accurate with my Steyr pistols. That is one good thing about having multiple Steyrs...send one in for repairs or to have it hard chromed and you have others Steyr's to shoot in the mean time.
Still have the wally.
I modified my safariland 6280 for the M to fit the MA1. But I want a proper holster with all the retentin devices working correctly.

I still think the Steyr is the best polymer handgun on the market. Even nicer than the Walther
Pardon me for the thread drift and if you'd posted before. What was the verdict from Steyr on the cause of the FTE on your M40A1? What did they do to fix it? Appear to be working fine now. TIA
Replaced the extractor spring and plunger.

I think the only weak link in the Steyr system is the extractor spring. They need to find a spring that won't wear out quickly.
I have the same problem with Glocks, must be the grip :)
To fix it replace your rear site with the next step up (they are like $3) and drift it a little to the right...
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