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    As my name states, I live in middle Tennessee (USA). We have a state-wide forum for gun owners. One of the forums was dedicated to handguns and CCW. A member stated he could not carry his weapon to work because he was a teacher at a school. I told him that the Federal Law states that he CAN carry a weapon in his vehicle (not talking about a parent/nor "non-parent dropping off nor picking up the child) as though the vehicle is at least 1000 feet from the school's property. Another member came back and said that.... (Well here is the copy, please help me out)

    He stated...

    I do not want to give him incorrect information. Please help me. This individual in a prior message stated that a teacher can and should carry when they should. I do not want to tell some teacher some bad information that could get them into trouble. Also I don't want that person to pass on wrong information to others. He is quoting laws, Can anyone help?

    I believe in my laws, but I'm not sure of his motives. I don't know if he is mis-informed. I know that I need assistance.

    Here is a link to our states laws/codes. ... in.htm&2.0 If you have time and can help, please do. He has come into the room and is filling wrong information. He looks like a LexisNexis junkie.

    I believe that the Supreme Court is available to all that has alot of money for attorney's fees.

    Take Care All !

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    If somebody has a question about the legality of this or that I recommend they discuss the issue with a lawyer or government official who is well acquainted with their state and local laws.

    that being said...

    Although, there is no federal prohibition against carrying a concealed weapon into a school - many states including Tennessee do have laws restricting the right to bear arms in a school.

    Here's some info on the applicable Tennesee law from the gun control folks of the Brady Campaign: ... .php?st=tn

    Is it illegal for CCW permit holders to carry guns into schools?

    "State law restricts carrying firearms into schools, except for law enforcement personnel. Even people with permits to carry concealed weapons (CCW) are prohibited from carrying weapons into schools.

    However, concealed weapons are allowed to be kept in vehicles in school parking lots by non-students and may be carried by adults in a vehicle while dropping off or picking children up from school."

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    usually leo or Gov official with gun has to check in with principal in some states or superintendant.

    usually the knife route is good but always got that BS zero tolerance crap.

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    Took an LFI course from Mas Ayoob in a TN high school because the principal gave his permission to have guns on site.
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    Tennessee Codes state all guns may not be allowed on premise unless authorized by administration for educational purposes only or law enforcement.

    I don't know if it is the law in the state where Columbine H.S. was, because there was a teacher who ran down the street to his car to get his pistol just to keep the killing to a minimum.

    Come on Lawyers, keep 'em coming !

    Thank you,
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    Hi MidTNshooter,

    Here's some info on Tennesee state laws from a 2001 ATF document.

    ATF P 5300.5 (2001 – 23rd ed) pg371

    Your friend on the board referenced 39-17-1309 subsection C
    it is interesting to note the penalty for that carrying offense is a class B misdemeanor, however a violation for carrying with the intent to go armed as outlined in subsection B is a class E felony. I would interpret intent to go armed as intent to do harm in this context - but here is where a lawyer would come in handy.

    subsection D states

    (d)(1) Each chief administrator of a public or private school shall display in prominent locationsabout the school a sign, at least six inches(6") high and fourteen inches (14") wide, stating:

    and subsection E lists some exceptions:

    (e) The provisions of subsections (b) and (c) do not apply to the following persons: (1) Persons employed in the army, air force, navy, coast guard or marine service of the United States or any member of the Tennessee national guard when in discharge of their official duties and acting under orders requiring them to carry arms or weapons; (2) Civil officers of the United States in the discharge of their official duties;(3) Officers and soldiers of the militia and the national guard when called into actual service; (4) Officers of the state, or of any county, city or town, charged with the enforcement of the laws of the state, when in the discharge of their official duties; (5) Any pupils who are members of the reserve officers training corps or pupils enrolled in a course of instruction or members of a club or team, and who are required to carry arms or weapons in the discharge of their official class or team duties; (6) Any private police employed by the administration or board of trustees of any public or private institution of higher education in the discharge of their duties; and (7) Any registered security officer/guard who meets the requirements of title 62, chapter 35, and who is discharging such officer's official duties.

    interestingly enough according to my reading of 39-17-1310
    it is defensible to carry on school grounds if you are hunting with administration approval, or traversing un posted school property on your way to hunt, or attending a "gun & knife show" on school grounds with adminstration approval, or transporting someone to or from school as long as you do not use/remove the weapon or allow someone else to use/remove it.
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    The law here in CO is much like yours, you cannot take a firearm into a school unless you are a LEO or the school is sponsering some event that would require a firearm.

    You can bring it onto the school property as long as it remains secured in the car and is unloaded. Taking it in is a big no-no for K-12 and most higher learning institutions. Private schools make their own rules about what you can and cannot do (just like a privately owned business.) If you do get caught it's a class 2 misdemeanor.