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Play in steel frame?

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Hi all.
I have a new M40. I've fired about 75 rounds through it. Following some advice on here, I decided to completely break it down to clean and lube the trigger assembly.
Using of one of the tutorials on here as a guide, it was a piece of cake. I removed all of the original lube with some Kleen Bore aerosol, let it dry and applied a coat of Eezox.
Re-assembly was a breeze as well. Once together, I noticed a very slight sound like something was loose when somewhat vigorously tilting the gun fore and aft. After taking a closer look, I noticed that the muzzle-end of the slide could be lifted away from (or pushed closer to) the polymer frame about .5 mm. So, I removed the slide assembly and found that the rails and entire inner steel frame could also be moved, rather easily, a tiny amount (< .25 mm, but visually noticeable). As far as I could tell, everything was where it needed to be (there are very few parts anyway) and everything functioned properly otherwise.
I have not yet fired the gun again. Is this something that I shoud be concerned about? Maybe I just didn't notice it before...
I appreciate any replies!
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I just tugged on the action in my M & S, and they both have VERY slight movement within the polymer frame.

I wouldn't worry much about it. In fact, my M9 with ~3000 rounds fired has slightly LESS movement than my S9 with ~500 rounds. So it doesn't seem to be a wear-related issue either.

Nothing to be concerned about, IMO.
Play in Slide

I have 3 Steyrs M9-M40 & S40 all of them are new with the exception of the S40. When you insert a magazine into the frame it pushes against the slide and make it all most solid. It's a heck of a lot tighter frame to slide lockup than any of my (8) Glocks and (3) Sigs & (!) Browning High Power all of my Colt rattle like a sack of bolts and there Gold Cups.

What you describe is a normal condition in the Steyr. Mine all do the same and it has caused no problems.
yes the M/S series has one of the tightest lock ups in any modern mass produced gun.

you woiuld pretty much have to have a custom full out "race gun" to get a tighter fit.

Part of what makes them shoot so well and be so accurate.

liks a porsche being more fine tuned than a jeep.
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