Pics of my Beretta, Springfield & Steyr

Discussion in 'Anything Else' started by Guest, Aug 10, 2006.

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    My Steyr M40, Beretta 9000 .40S&W and Springfield XD40 Service.

  2. MrApathy

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    nice set, how is the Beretta 9000?

    held one at gun show didnt care for the grip. was some good deals on them over year ago. dont hear much about them Beretta discontinue them?

    I almost bought a XD 40 then I discovered Steyr's M series and some reviews. a local store had some and they were selling for $300-$350. that was back during the AWB and possibility of using preban Sigma mags in Steyr was a factor.

    I love the ambidextrous magazine release on the XD

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    Hehe. Funny you posted your XD. Just picked up mine today- the 5" .45 8)

    How do you like yours so far?
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    The 9000 was my first non-revolver handgun. It shoots "fine". Honestly
    that's how I would explain it. I can plant pretty good groups with it, but as
    you said the grip is not that good. Without a magazine that has the flip down
    option, it doesn't fit my hand well.

    As for the XD, yum. It is pretty fantastic. I'm a little more accurate with my
    Steyr. But the strange recoil the Steyr still has me getting used to it.
    The XD has a nice grip design, not as good as the Steyr though. I can see
    why the XD has become a popular weapon.
  5. ZEEK

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    Nice pics. Dosen't anyone like the 1911's anymore. I love my Kimber Tac Pro II and adding an Eclipse.

    SELFDEFENSE Premium Member

    Schweet collection.
    But it looks like the XD is wearing a top hat. Does all that mass above the boreline affect recoil negatively or is it heavier than oter pistols and winds up dampening the recoil?
  7. aubie515

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    I shot two frien'ds XD tacticals over the weekend...a blued and a SS...both shot extremely well. I picked up an XD45 service model yesterday. I hope it shoots as well as the tacticals did on Sunday.

    The beretta IMO is one ugly offense...but I suppose beauty is in the eyes of the beholder...and all that jazz.
  8. Wulf

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    Hiya Zeek :)

    LMFAO...who wouldn't love a Kimber? 8-O Nuff said. <shrug>

  9. DAIadvisor

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    Nice pics. My 9000s is a tac driver. At least as accurate as my 92FS. Around 5 inch pattern at 50 yards. That's impressive for such a small gun. Recoil is mild and extended mags really help with the grip. Make sure you get those if you're planning on getting this pistol.