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Discussion in 'M, C, L and S Series' started by diaset, Dec 4, 2007.

  1. diaset

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    I am picking up my new in the box M40 not the A1.
    I just spoke to my FFL and he said I can pick it up tomorrow evening.
    I can't Wait to take it out of the box.
    First thing I will do is give it a good cleaning and get all the dried out lube.
    I figure it has been sitting there for a few years so it won't hurt.
    If you guys have any suggestions for me it would be great.
    I will be taking to the range and maybe out 100 rounds through it.

    :D :D :D :D
    I feel like it's X-MAS!!!!
  2. Syntax360

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    Be sure it has the upgraded trigger group (the recalled group is heavier) and extractor design. If not, you can send it off to SAI and they will equip it with the latest and greatest...

    Stay away from UMC - CCI and WWB tend to be the most popular. Be sure to let us know how it goes!

  3. diaset

    diaset New Member

    How can I tell if it has the upgraded trigger group and and extractor design???
    Any thing I can look for ???
  4. Deluxe247

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    Pre 10k serial had old trigger. To tell if it has had the upgrade look at where the pin connecting the inner and outer triggers is. Middle is new and lighter, bottom third is old and heavier.

    Only the M-A1's have the new extractor out of the box. If you want to upgrade it (or the trigger) you will have to send it to SAI...

  5. diaset

    diaset New Member

    Went to the range

    Went to the range today with my new M40 I must say it is a great gun. It was smooth all the way through the 150 rounds I fired.
    I used Federal American Eagle 165gr. fmj ball ammo. The range I go to will not let you bring any outside ammo.
    The gun was flawless. First 20 rounds went right in the black at 7 yards. Come to think of it they all went in the black.
    Where I pointed the gun it hit. The sights are fantastic, I got used to them right out of the box. I am hooked!!!
    On the way home I stopped by the dojo, my sensei is a glock nut (must have glock nothing else is a glock, glock, glock, glock, blahblahblah).
    I handed him the case and let him open it. Well his eyes popped out of his head. He grabbed the gun and was sold on it as soon as he grabbed it. Then he checked out the sights and thought they were great. He has some targets on the wall and started aiming it and loved the fast sighting. He will be coming to the range with me next time out.
    He wants to sell one of his glocks to buy a Steyr. That alone says a lot of this gun. Well I will stop rambling on before I get kicked off of here for to long of a post.
    I am a STEYROID for life!!!! Can't wait to start collecting one of each.
    First 2 Mags
    A little rapid one handed action (still need practice with one hand)
    :notworthy: :notworthy: :clap: :party: :party: