Pfeifer madness!

Discussion in 'Anything Else' started by AMX, Apr 2, 2005.

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    I figured it might be time for a not quite serious topic.. so..

    I'm sure y'all remember that 600NE revolver.
    And some might even remember that their website went down at new year's, which was a bit inconvenient for me, because there was a discussion about it at that time.

    Ok, so recently I check to see whether it's up again, and lo and behold, not only are they back, no, they've expanded their product palette.
    And, most importantly, the price for aforementioned revolver is down to €13840!

    Now, I've got a plan, and it's probably the best evidence you'll ever get that I am, in fact, mad:

    First of all, part a - the money:
    Step 1: win the lottery.
    Next, part b - the big one:
    Step 2: Buy a Pfeifer-Zeliska revolver, caliber .600 Nitro Express, but have them increase the barrel lenght by 5.5cm, turning the thing into a bolt-action rifle under our laws.
    Step 3: Put a Pfeifer Night-Vision Scope on it.
    Then, part c - the plinker:
    Step 4: Buy a Pfeifer Lilliput light-weight rifle
    Step 5: Add a second barrel (if they do that to the Lilliput)
    Step 6: Put a Pfeifer Night-Vision Scope on it.
    And finally, part d - the match rifle:
    Step 7: Buy a Pfeifer Safety Rifle Sport
    Step 8: Add a second barrel (if they do that the the SR-Sport)
    Step 9: Put a Pfeifer Night-Vision Scope on it.
    When the weapons procurement is complete, it is time for part e - the use:
    Step 10: find a really dark shooting range.
    Step 11: Illuminate it with muzzle fire, until something runs out - the ammo, the batteries, the darkness, the durability of my bones, or whatever.

    Estimated cost, not including ammo, batteries, range time, etc: €42593.

    Feel free to call me insane.
    But a man(-iac) can dream, can't he?
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    Your insane.

    Its gun nuts like you that give the rest of us gun nuts a bad name. Just kidding. You can't knock a man's dreams. If they become reallity perhaps you can mock and jealously deride them.


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    BDR!! big darn revolver