Perceived Recoil and Range Report

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    This is a spinoff from the thread "Further update on my new M9-A1... and a thanks...". There was some discussion about slide speed and perceived recoil, and I realized that I hadn't really shot the Steyr side by side with my other SD guns to see how they all compared. So today I took my M40-A1, Springfield XD-40 Tactical and Ruger KP345 and shot them all side by side. I used a combination of Factory FMJ and hard cast handloads, including a SWC in both calibers. The handloads were all full house loads, close to SAAMI maximum (based on manufacturers loading data). No feed problems with any of the three. I was careful to watch for the amount of muzzle flip, as well as how the recoil "felt". I realize it's not completely apples to apples, since the XD has a 5" barrel, and the other two have 4" barrels, and the Ruger is .45 ACP and the other two are .40 S&W, but those are the guns I own, so they're what I used.

    I learned that bigtaco was right about the KP345 having more muzzle flip. My guess is that it's primarily due to the higher (much higher) bore axis, since the felt recoil was very similar (to me) for both guns. The XD had the softest felt recoil. The Steyr and XD had, at least as far as I could tell, about the same amount of flip. Which is interesting, when you consider that the XD has a 5" barrel and the Steyr a 4". If Steyr made an L40-A1, I'm cerain it would have much less flip than the 4" version. I also confirmed bigtaco's comment about faster slide cycling, producing a sharper feel to the recoil, but producing less flip. That was exactly the case with my M40-A1. The Steyr just felt a little sharper than the XD, but about the same as the KP345, which would seem to be different that what bigtaco felt when he shot the Ruger. :shock:

    So given the above, I think I'll start using a lower viscosity lube on my rails. I have for years routinely used Rig +P stainless steel grease on the rails of all my autoloaders, but I'm going to switch to a good PTFE-based oil. Any suggestions?

    So how about some of you 1911, Glock, H&K, S&W and Sig owners doing the same side by side test and letting us all know what you find? What do you say? :?: I for one would be interested in hearing the results. Thanks!

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    I use break free lubricant in all my piece for many years in fact since it first came out. Found out later that some branch of the US armed forces uses it. A few drops works. I believe it's got teflon on it so has excellent lubricity.

    About recoil and muzzle flips. I have a single stack 1911 45 acp, a para ord in 40. a sig p220 (45) they all have different characteristics. Since my M404=a1 has the shortest barrel, it has the most muzzle flip than the 3 other guns I mentioned. I think the key to handling them or reacting to each of them depend much on your follow through. As in most sports there is a follow though component of the action performed. For instance, golf, shooting basket etc. Follow trhough in shooting as I understand is to keep the same hold during the actual firing of the gun as much the same way as your holding it before the actual firing. Never make the firing of the gun as the signal to end the firing sequence and therefore you can relax. Some of us can even call most if not all of their shots . I do from time to time but not consistently. I think I went astray from the topic for while there.
    Have a good one.

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    Right on Nixon. I call all my rifle shots, my pistol shots Im not so good. I have problems seeing things precisely without optics ;)
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    I tried shooting my G17 yesterday comparing it to my M9 in accuracy (point shooting :roll:) .Well the idea was to see if either one was more "pointable" and shootable with point shooting. I'm afraid no good Steyr news in that department. I did feel the felt recoil was better with the Steyr and the feel in the hand was better with Steyr. No malfunctions of any kind with either pistol. The distance was about 7to10 yards. At the end I just decided to shoot a mag into the target and shot one big ragged hole with the Steyr. It felt good after all that point shooting. I forgot, it was moving and shooting as well, so I wasn't expecting much grouping.
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    i notice that i snap the trigger when point shooting. netfotoj got a front row seat for that!! those targets didn't make it up on the site... for good reason. if i think "squeeze" while point shooting i do okay.

    with the grip angles being different, shooting both guns back to back will definitely play with the high/low.

    i'd love an airsoft pistol with the same grip angle so i could run around point shooting in my house. but no sense practicing if the real piece will be different.

    nothing feels better than one big ragged hole. always a good way to begin or end a range session.
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    Don't let BT jerk your chain, there were a lot of good targets he shot that I didn't take photos of, and even more bad ones that I shot that I also didn't shoot pix. He embarrassed me bad enough that I only shot a few pix of his.

    But it was a great range trip, if an humbling one for yours truly. And I know we can all agree that squeezing works lots better than jerking the trigger anytime. I just need lots more range time and more practice, practice, practice. :mrgreen:

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    As a general purpose lube I use Breakfree, but you can modify your lube to the temperature (thin oil like Breakfree in the winter and a thicker one like Ultima Lube in the summer).