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    I am currently ready to buy a 357sig barrel for my M40A1 and I can't find one. A similar issue with the L40A1 That I planned to present to my brother very soon. I really would likw to put some Steyr sights on some my CZ items. I realize that I don't know what is actually possible in terms of extras for these pistols.

    Is there a stable catalog of parts for these pistols ? Is there an OEM list of things that do not drift in and out of existence.

    A lot of us would lie to know how far we can take these pistols before we have to go to another brand. There is nothing mercurial about personal weapons and I think Steyr does not get that.

    I want to know what mags, barrels and sights I can get or at least order every day.

    It would also help if companies like IGB would say rather than infer what they sell and make.

    Am I missing something that has been addressed already ?
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    If you dig through this site you will find at least one detailed post regarding Impulse Gun Barrels. In stock market lingo I got the very strong impression they are rated a "do not buy".

    I don't get it either Fiveman, the product is clearly one of top line quality and this boards existence is proof there is a dedicated market for their product. But if you wait to see if Steyr USA gets online here and answers this post all your gonna hear are crickets.