Pair of 10's: 1076 for a G29

Discussion in 'Other Handguns' started by Netfotoj, Apr 17, 2007.

  1. Netfotoj

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    Got an email last week from a S&W lover in Houston, Texas, who had seen a post of mine on the S&W Forum about my 1076. Seems he used to have a S&W 10mm and let it go only to decide he wants another. Would I be interested in swapping my 1076, he asked? There's only one pistol in the whole wide world I would consider swapping my beloved 1076 for. Guess what? That's what he offered, a Glock 29, the "baby Glock" in 10mm.

    And it's customized, too, by a Glock armorer. The G29 has had a full grip reduction to mimic the grip angle of a 1911. The entire grip has been stippled so that your hands will not slip when sweaty or wet. It has an extended slide release, a steel guide rod and HD Wolff springs. The slide has been refinished to a stainless look by CCR Refinishing. (Scroll about halfway down the page past the rifles and there you'll find a G29 slide with the stainless look. Gotta be mine!)

    It comes with four 10-round magazines and two of those have grip extensions, stippled to match the frame.

    He sent pictures. How could I say no? Ain't she beautiful? (Pardon the flare on the shiny slide. My digital camera's batteries are dead so I took this shot with my cell-phone-camera, Sony-Ericsson K750i.


    As the French used to say back before Le Revolution, "The King is dead! Long live the King!" :mrgreen:

    Here's a farewell shot of the dead king, my 1076. If you see her in Houston, Texas, say goodbye for me. :(


    Am I ever going to have one helluva range report to file this weekend, if the Good Lord's willing and the creek don't rise: 10, 9 and 357 Sig! :twisted:
  2. Shooter

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    awesome..............get some G20mags and carry as back up........get a Scherer finger extension and cut out the bottom and wrap it around the inserted G20 mag with superGlue......Bingo.......15rounds of fun.......fitted to the G29 better yet, carry two..... :lol:

  3. Syntax360

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    Looks awful small - let us know how the wrist surgery goes after the range trip :p.

    Very cool, Netfoto!
  4. Thunderbear

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    Phewf, that's a grip only one bad mother could love :twisted:

    I love 10mm, but that's a little outside of my taste. I'm glad you finally found one that struck your fancy, though.
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    These g29s always seem to trade well, meaning that folks are often willing to trade a gun that might be worth more on paper to get one.
    Had a buddy get a nice USP for one (usp trigger was a little gritty but responded well to cleaning & tuning).

    I suspect that it is because they are a heck of a lot of fun to shoot. I've only fired a few magazines through one but I gotta tell ya, those first couple a shots'll put a grin on your face thats hard to wipe off.
  6. Netfotoj

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    Shooter, I already got an eye on G20 mags since CDNN's got 'em for $16.99 for G17-19-20-21-22-23, including a free Target Sports +2 mag bottom with every mag purchased.

    Syntax, I'll let you know how the wrist surgery went after Saturday's trip to the range. One wrist or two?

    Thunderbear, how can you say that my new darling's got an ugly grip? She's beautiful in every way! All that happened is somebody set her grip on fire and then put out the flames with an ice pick! :lol:

    Squirrelpotpie, I'm happy as a pig in deep, deep mud over this trade and I'm quite sure should I decide to ever let her go, I can get my money out of her and even more. But I think is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

    If she shoots as pretty as she looks... Range report to follow after loads of fun in 10mm. :mrgreen:

    P.S. I forgot to add one thing. The Glock dealer where I picked her up drew a crowd when he opened the box. Everybody in the store wanted to get a look at her new grip and chrome slide, et c. And the dealer tried her trigger and said it had seen some work, too. He estimated it at 3.5 lbs. Did he say stock is 5.5 lbs.? I forget.