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+p or higher ammo in M9

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Can M9's handle +p or higher ammo? What about lead bullets? Are they sensitive to them Like Glocks?

Has anyone ever tried one of the 6inch barrels from IGB?
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I was told by the gun store attendant where I bought mine, that there should be no problem with lead except that its dirty [emits black smoke] and you have to clean your pistol pretty well after use. The Steyr Manual does not state that the Steyr pistol wouldnt take or would void the guarantee if used with lead, unlike with other manufactures, which voids the pistol's guarantee if used with it [e.g. Glock]. Stores here in Manila discourages use of lead or even reloads for the Glock!

I had some issues in regards to the length of guarantee when it was sold to me initially from lifetime to one year but still, the store said that I can use reload leads with it and there should be no problem as what they have been advising their Steyr customers. The business partner of the store carries a Steyr as his CCW and said he also uses lead with it and not a problem. Was happy when he showed me from his carry bag his Steyr M9, told myself this guy could afford HKs, Kimbers, Glocks, etc and why the h... is he carrying a Steyr?! You tell me.

What I was told was at least to break it in with factory FMJ, approx about 200 rounds.

My initial 200 rnds was a locally manufactured 124 grain FMJ and now planning to use FMJ reloads. I asked myself why use lead when a reload FMJs cost just a few more cents [2-3 cents difference!]. Lead is not good to the environment and bad to our health, not saying shooting isn't but lead has far more bad sides... just my two cents worth...

But I guess there should be NO problem with Steyr taking leads.

My initial plan was to get a Steyr and use lead with it but after some research and found that price difference isn’t that bad… and cleaning, what I was told would require so much patience as lead sticks much easier to the inner part of the barrel. :wink:

Regards to the +P or higher... I have the same question! LOL... anybody here? :oops:
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one of the forum shooters just posted shooting Winchester Ranger LEO only 9mm, which is probably the hottest load you would ever use......he had no problems.....I just shoot Gold Dots 124 +P's with no problem.......Steyr's unlike Glocks have fully supported barrels and should have zero problems with +P's........ I also shot my own reloads with zero failures..........and very accurate........
I forgot to mention that lead is not a problem with the Steyr barrels, they are conventional unlike the Gocks or HK's........
What Shooter said. +p is no problem for these pistols with their fully supported chamber. The rifling in the barrels is pretty standard and lead will not foul them up like it does in the Glock with it's unique rifling.

+p and +p+ are not problems in the Steyr or Glocks. My G17 is proof marked just like my Styer is and that shows that they have ran VERY hot loads thru and it passed to get the NPV on the slide, BBL and frame. I carry +p+ or +p and feel very comfortable with them in Glocks or Steyrs.

I have been shooting a variety of bullet weights and configurations of Winchester and Corbon +P loads in my M9A1 regularly now, seems to be no problem at all; even the very short and light hollow point Corbons with a relatively blunt head feed and function fine in the Steyr. Decided to settle on the Corbon 9mm +P "Power Ball" as a regular carry load.
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