+P- Nato spec - or +p+ ammo in M9A1

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  1. armored

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    Just curious, I don't recall reading anything in my Steyr book about ammo.
    I assume that since this is a Austrian made pistol that Nato spec 9mm ammo would be ok for use. How about +p or +p+ ammo. can the M9A1 take it?

    I read a lot of posts about FTE issues, and a lot of suggestions that "limp Wristing may be the culprit. If this pistol was made to shoot the higher preasure Nato/european ammo could some of these issues be the result of "our" lower preasure American 9mm ammo(not enough recoil to function the slide on a consistant basis)?
  2. madecov

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    Limp wristing is less of an issue with the Steyr design than it is with other polymer handguns.
    That is one of the benefits of the steel sub frame. The gun has a lot less flex than the other polymer handguns.

    Steyr assured me that limp wristing is almost a non issue with the design

  3. ZEEK

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    Are there any recent ballistics information/comparison on 9mm pistol ammunition, or side by side comparison on ammo shot from Steyr pistols?

    Maybe there is more info in the Ammo and Reloading Forum.
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    we used to have a member (haven't heard from him in months) who shot cases and cases of +p through his M9 (he worked for cdnn and got the stuff cheap).
  5. armored

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    I heard back from Jack at Steyr today. I asked about ammo for the M9A1
    He stated that +P and +p+(in moderation) are fully in the design saftey perimitors. Nato and +P are very simular in presure so there is no problem there.
    I also asked about sighting in the Steyr, He replyed that with a 6:00 hold and shooting +P ammo the shots should be on center. This is what a european made/ designed pistol is designed to shoot.