Orlando Officer Killed by Another Officer

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Auburn, Sep 25, 2005.

  1. Auburn

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    I hate to see this:

    FDLE begins investigation in undercover cop's death

    ORLANDO, Fla. Authorities sought to determine Sunday what happened before a college football game when a University of Central Florida police officer was fatally shot by another officer outside the Citrus Bowl.

    A third person, not identified by authorities, remained hospitalized Sunday with a gunshot wound, officials said.

    Mario Jenkins, a canine officer who had been working with state Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco agents to curb underage drinking, died after being shot Saturday by a retired Orlando police officer working on reserve status.

    The officer who fired the fatal shots, Dennis R. Smith, was placed on administrative leave, Orlando Police Department spokeswoman Barbara Jones said Sunday. Smith retired after 25 years in December of 2001.

    Witnesses said the undercover officer broke up a gathering of students, who resisted his efforts. The officer then fired three shots into the air for help. Another officer saw a gunman, the undercover agent who was dressed in street clothes, and shot him several times.

    The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is handling the case, but had no new information Sunday.

    "Right now we're still in the very beginnings of the investigation," said FDLE spokesman Geo Morales, adding the agency is required to have any investigation involving police in fatal shootings completed within 60 days.

    Morales said the injured person was part of the investigation. That individual was not identified by FDLE.
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    Its sad but doesn't sound to smart on the UC's part.

  3. Ripped

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    this is what happens in most if not all cases involving undercover aganets. when local authorities that are unadvised get involved.. not saying anyone acted out of the lines of the textbook. but it would have not happened if there had been correspondence between the agencies.

    put yourself in the shooters shoes.. your a deputy,cop,leo whatever.. you see someone pop 4 rounds into the air in that scenario..what do you do?
  4. Zundfolge

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    I drop them ... because Law Enforcement Professionals don't shoot randomly in the air "to call for help" :roll:

    I hate to sound cold, but I'm glad this idiot isn't on the force any longer...too bad he had to lose his life along with his job (and I feel real bad for the officer who shot him ... he's going to have some sleepless nights over this :( )
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    Thats what I mean why in the hell would you fire into the air. That makes no sence what so ever. You never fire into the air. those bullets got to come down somewhere.
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    I do not know of any agency that allows warning shots.
    I'm sure SOP/General orders prohibit warning shots.

    My heart goes out to all parties.
  7. Auburn

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    I have to agree. You see a guy firing a weapon in a crowd outside a stadium. Even if he is shooting in the air, you don't know where the next shot will go...so I would think you have to drop him. Of course, there may be a lot more to the story, but I hope thay don't hang Off. Smith for this shoot.
  8. A SAD DAY


    Poor communication between law enforcement agencies, failure to follow what I'm sure are rules for engagement by both officers, and perhaps some poor training and discipline lead to a horrible situation.

    Perhaps this will lead to corrections in training and discipline that will save lives in the long run.
  9. Ripped

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    http://www.local6.com/slideshow/news/50 ... m=ss;w=400

    new exclusive pictures of the scene prior to the shooting..

    from looking at these photos im almost willing to bet the UC took the shots into the air to clear the impending crowd that was on thier way to kick the shit out of him. the other officer OPD was probably already enroute and close to the scene of the fight . saw the officer in the green shirt take shots into the air.. not knowing the reason or the fact that he was also a LEO.. and made a bad call.. a fatal call. the worst one to make.. So much for his job and reputation..