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Ordered Blackhawk Omega

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It was on sale, so well see if it fits the M9. If not, it should be easy enough to sell.

Will let yall know.
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It should fit. I have two of these holsters they say are for specific guns, but fit well with various others not listed.......
ministerofdeath said:
Some times it really is fun to be right. LOL :D

You'll love it, I like wearing it and doing transition drills from my carbine to the pistol at the range club.
I can't even fart at my range.... :lol:
That's the bummer, this IS a private range 8-O It's just run by a bunch of very ancient fellows who don't shoot anymore and have nothing better to do..
And the younger members are too busy working for a living and don't want to get involved with coming to meetings and being progressive.....and these same fellows have made it very difficult to break them ignoring the rules, making their own and denying access to membership lists, finances etc. You have to be a lawyer or have the money to afford a lawyer to hack them down.............
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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