OR State IDPA results with M40A1

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting' started by ThaiBoxer, Sep 8, 2008.

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    I took second in the SSP Expert class, losing by a wide margin to the 1st place SSP Expert guy, who took 2nd overall in the match and is an M-class Open shooter. Scott Springer won the match and shot ESP Master, probably with an XD-M. I placed 11th of 48 overall. I earned 3 procedurals for mental errors, and one more that was a BS procedural (in my opinion), but I signed the sheet before they awarded it, and so it didn't stick to my score.

    Hey BigTaco, that means I encountered the "BS procedural pnealty" in IDPA, and it kind of chapped my heinie! I also made some mistakes from "playing IPSC style", by reloading while moving into "unknown" areas in a house clearing. Basically, I reloaded from slide lock while stepping forward, but the SO did explicitly tell me not to do that before the stage. I also double tapped the first target in a "one shot per" limited count stage, nice figure-8 holes but still an oops!

    I shot my M40A1 with a Dawson fiber optic front sight and PT rear sight. I used 170 gr LSWC bullets on 3.5 gr of Solo1000 powder, and it "match chrono'd" at a PF of 132. That was about 5 PF points lower than my results on my CED chrono. This load is a minor PF .40, and shoots softer than most 9mm. Accuracy is pretty good from my M40A1.

    My gun function was flawless. I had case gauged 250 rounds before the match, and culled out about 30 rounds that did not chamber in the very tight case gauge chamber. After the match I loaded up mags with these culled rounds and shot them machingegun style from the M40A1. Every dern one chambered and fired without a problem! Makes you both happy and irritated, at the same time!

    Go Steyr!
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    Awesome! Keep us informed! If you ever get any videos of you shooting, let us know.
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    Hiya Ben :)

    Congrat's and good shootin', Bro.

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    i'd love to think that the steyr was the reason, but i suspect you practice very diligently in addition to a certain amount of natural talent, leaving nothing to chance.

    it must be nice to see it all come together at states. i'm glad you shot well.
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    I have a long way to go if I am to start winning matches. Transition time, faster reloads, and overall better execution are my current targets for improvements.

    The Steyr is a pretty good Production/SSP gun. Yesterday I was able to shoot the new .40 upper I bought from this board on top of my M9A1 lower, and really enjoyed the factory tri traps.
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    I'm watching your progress wistfully, as there isn't a group close to where I live doing IDPA or even IPSC. Well, that's not quite true, there's one group, but they get together at 6:30 PM and they're about 30 miles from here. 30 miles on the freeway in Houston during rush hour is 2 hours for me to get to them. Somehow I don't think I'll get excused from work to go shooting.

    We've got an indoor range about 3 miles from where I live, they do some tactical training, but it's far from IDPA. I'll have to settle for that for the time being. I shoot Georgia-Arms 165 gr FMJ there. It seems to work for me. At 24 cents per shot, it's almost a cheap as reloading them myself. Damn, and I opened my big mouth and told my wife that. There goes any chance of getting another reloading set.

    It's great hearing your progress, and go get 'em!
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    reloading is cheaper when you reuse brass

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    Nice going.
    Its hard to transition between the different types of shooting associations when you are against the clock and running on reflex.