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First post here, I'm considering buying a used s9a1 and I'm having a lot of trouble trying to figure out if it's a good price and worth buying. I'm in a 10 round max state so capacity doesn't matter. Looking for a ccw/home defense/general shooting at the range pistol. I've been mostly a revolver guy and the only 9mm I've had was a sig p225. The seller is asking 475, padded box with 2 mags included.

So, opinions? Seems like all I've read and watched like the s9 and the uniqueness appeals to me. Thanks all

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As for price it seems fair given todays crazy and he fact they aren’t brining more in. 3 years ago you could get a new one all things said for 500 but that ship is gone. Issues with it are related to its size. It is a fat sub compact for the amount of rounds although I can get my whole hand on it. I’ve carried it in the summer months but a C9A2 fixes many of my complaints and isn’t too much larger in the grip to get 17 rounds. I know your ban state so that doesn’t matter. My complaints with the S9 A1 in its standard configuration are
1. It’s large for its capacity, fat and top heavy for a 10 rounder.
2. Ejection on all A1 have been reported to come back to the shooter but my S9 hasn’t had a issue.
3. Grip is a bit slick
4. No stock night sights, lose the traps if you move to the trijicon
5. Capacity is low compared to competition
6. Mags are hard to find
7 holsters are hard to find
8 parts are to find
1. Great bore axis
2. East to conceal
3. Easy transition to other Steyr pistols
4 larger Steyr mags work in it with a gap
5 ejection is fixable with spring swap if issue arises
6 they have grip tape from talon
7 double click makes a ghost holster for it which is awesome
8 nothing has broken on mine

i Like it but I feel a major reason I carry it is to have the same manual of arms as my other steyrs I carry. In winter I move over to a c9. Before you buy check the extractor and the frame and see if there is any impact issues. Besides that it’s just your general used gun checks.
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