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I was under the impression that anyone - citizen of Arizona or not - could openly carry in that state. However, for many purposes, it is not practical. Depending on where you are at in the state, you could turn a lot of heads. In Phoenix, you'd be getting stopped repeatedly and handled roughly if you openly carried. In more rural areas, that would not be the case (although those who do tend to carry openly are long-time residents with an established relationship with local law enforcement).

Here's what had to say:
Arizona is an open carry state. Handguns should be holstered when not actually in use to avoid issues related to brandishing or questions regarding the concealed nature of the firearm. The law states that as long as a portion of the holster is visible, the weapon is not concealed. It is recommended that at least 2-3 inches of the holster be visible. Fanny packs designed to carry a handgun do not qualify as a holster; only permit holders may carry a weapon in a fanny pack (State v. Moerman). An unholstered handgun carried by a non-permitee which is only partially visible is considered concealed, hence the recommendation to keep carried handguns holstered. Weapons carried in a vehicle that are not in a holster or case must be clearly visible and obvious, unless the weapon is in the trunk, glove box or a storage compartment of the vehicle. Weapons may be transported/carried loaded or unloaded. Open carry is generally discouraged on tribal lands (see discussion under "Places off-limits while carrying"). Other locations may be posted "no weapons" or be covered under State or Federal law (see above).
For further inquiries, I direct you to They don't have the answer listed there, but do list a contact name and phone number.

Good luck!
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