One more reason to go armed

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Netfotoj, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. Netfotoj

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    If I wasn’t already convinced of the necessity of being an armed citizen, this article I just read about our growing illegal-alien crime wave would get the job done. Read the whole thing. And don't go nowhere unarmed, never, ever again. (Oh yeah, don’t forget to vote for John McCain, the “amnesty” candidate.)

    Immigration Reversals
  2. Big Rick

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    ugh...gangs are so lame

  3. Jakeborder

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    It's like a virus spreading.
  4. xjrat

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    Ya where I live in So California near OXNARD there is a huge Ag industry lots
    of Strawberries and such. In the last 15 yrs there has been a HUGE influx of the
    "UN-documented" people, crime rate is climbing and it is spreading from the bad
    parts of the town to other cities as they are able to get several families in one
    house they go into the nice neighborhoods and ruin them.
    Now EVERYDAY there are at least 2 hit and runs on the radio or
    traffic report from the Highway Patrol. before Ca. started going soft on them
    I don't remember more 1 a month in our area now it's hit and runs everday :x :x

    Ya go McCain! :wall: bring 'em all in then we can all move to mexico and start a new
    country and block the treehugers, anti-gunners and mexicans comming in. then we
    can drill for all their oil and look for the inca gold and maybe find the fountain of youth
    and live forever :party: after all bush just promised mexico several BILLION dollars to
    help them to secure their southern boarder, no joke :shifty: