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    video making the rounds on the net of BBC report on 911 events
    where they announce Soloman building or WTC building 7 has collapsed.

    the bad thing is in the video while they say its collapsed you can clearly see it standing.

    the Soloman building was never hit by a plane that day.
    the buildings that were hit by planes were designed to survive a 707 crashing into them
    because of the incident where a bomber flew into the empire state building during foggy weather.
    somehow despite bad fire the empire state building didnt crash.

    check out the videos

    heres BBC's response to the tapes out ... iracy.html
    just to the right of the lady reporters head is the Soloman building aka WTC building 7 still standing despite the fact they are reporting it as collapsed. amazing.

    I have watched alot of video's lately all video's of the main two towers suck but building 7 video's show the center of the building collapsing first then the two sides falling inward which couldnt look any more like than a controlled demolition that it does.

    Empire state building had a bomber flown into it during bad fog yet it still stands despite a fire that took while to put out back in 1940-1950.
    both trade center towers were designed to withstand a 707 being flown into them. also built to withstand 140mph winds from a hurricane.
    the rate at which all the buildings collapsed was just amazing.

    the owner of the buildings on pbs ... rstein+pbs
    some have argued pull means to get everybody out of the building. its amazing the building is evacuated and shortly after it collapses amazing timing. one video somewhere had a fireman telling people to get back the building is going to explode.

    an amazing video
    cemet turned to dust
    pentagon images examination and very good details of the whole issue. ... 2031629480
    clip from The Lonegunmen Pilot episode that aired 6 months before 9/11

    in the pilot episode a guy who works for the government has a passenger jet wired with remote controll unit that takes over the controlls of the jet the plan to fly the plane into one of the World Trade Center Towers. the pilot aired in March 2001 6 months before the Towers fell

    operation northwoods

    Oklahoma City Bombing,World Trade Center Bombing then 9/11.
    each event had some terrorist domestic or foreign and in all events government expanded its control and power.
    video on oklahoma city bombing 2nd then 3rd unexploded bombs found as large and large than the first one that went off ... oded+bombs
    The Trentadue Files
    New documents offer details of the FBI's secret Oklahoma City Bombing investigation ... l#docindex

    video on 93 WTC bombing ... 1993&hl=en

    Nazi's burning the Reichstag

    Building 7 was full of Government Agencies. SEC,CIA,Mayor's Office of Emergency Mgmt,U.S. Secret Service and others

    If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
    James Madison

    I believe there are more instances of the abridgement of freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments by those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.
    James Madison

    Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.
    James Madison

    I dont think everyone in the government is involved definately people in both parties we have had events under the Clinton Admin and Bush Admin.

    I dont like those who sell products and movies making money off of tinpot conspiracy junk that covers the topic fast,loose and pushes a point. I believe in Independent thought but it must be thought on the examination of the evidence. thought is tough due to the emotions welled up from the event. evidence is anything but simple and conclusive.

    its not to hard to believe terrorist want to kill us or a certain religion that is set in traditional ways doesnt like ours in fact its easy to believe.
    we have 700+ foreign military bases and FBI in about every country in the world. if I was a citizen of one of those countries I would like it about as much as the British in the Colonies.
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    Great Post!

    Thanks for sharing with us all!!!

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    The collapse of WTC Building #7 has always left me troubled. I could understand - perhaps - jetliners hitting Buildings #1 and #2, filling the insides of the buildings with burning kerosene, and then the resultant fires weakening the steel structures and causing them both to collapse.

    But, as I understand it, Building #7 was only hit by a bit of falling debris, and was suffering only from a few spot fires. NO BURNING KEROSENE. Yet, it collapsed, too?

    It’s hard for me to buy ALL the conspiracy theory stuff . . . but there’s a lot about the government’s “official line” on 9-11 that still smells a little fishy to me.
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    Howdy Mr.A.

    Very interesting post and cool links.

    If I may, here is my humble opinion on some these subjects.

    Boy! That would not be the first time that the BBC got a story wrong. I think this Reporter was reading a wire from "LLoyd's of London". It was coded message for the insurance investors that said "Get out of town...the sky is falling". :lol:

    Sorry...I had to bring a little levity to a very dark subject that touch us all..

    What I will suggest is the classic Marshall McLuhan "The Media is the Message". This is a very old book that is considered one of the foundation of "Media Science". I don't want to bore you guys with an "ultra" ranting here but here is the concept: This BBC snafu is what is call an "O.J. Simpson moment". Twenty millions people are watching the three hours slow chase but the reporters have nothing to say.....
    Please remember that "News" is "Product" and there is a lot of goofy stuff coming out from Big Corp. and Government own Media. Our first amendment got quite a good beating in the last few decades.

    "Designed to survive a 707 crashing". This is a very famous statement in the Civil Engineering versus Insurance Adjusting world. It is what is call "when the solution drives the number".

    This is an absurdity since nobody (before 9/11) flew a 707 in a building ... Nobody had any solid set evidence of the fact, just speculative numbers.

    The explanation of this is simple. You have a room with a 3 sided table. One side you have the owner of the building, the other the insurance adjuster, and finally the Civil Engineer. The owner want insurance for his building, the insurance man wants the contract, and the engineer want to get paid....Voila!

    I'm glad Mr.A you brought the the Empire State Building airplane accident. IMHO the Empire State Tower is one of the most beautifully structure in the world and a magnificent Architectural and Engineering accomplishment. Like they say "They don't make them like that anymore". Although, lets not compare a WWII light twin prop B25 plane with no payload flying at 100 Knots with a fully loaded Boeing 767 Jetliners traveling at cruising speed. The comparison is just way off.

    It is very sad that the videos were of so poor quality. Frankly, when you I look a them I have a hard time to come to any conclusion. Here a web site that attempted some kind of explanation. I would take it with a grain of salt thou. ... tml?page=5

    But if may I would swirl my explanation in this. I think this is a case of classic GSA blunder here. If there was a conspiracy, its was about covering some gross incompetence to the tax payers and the insurance adjusters. Lets call it convenient events. It happened before and it sound like a "Katrina" to me. 8)

    I'm surprised Mr.A. that you brought the Larry Silverstein snippet in this. Lets say that this gentlemen is far from a neutral party into this. Please check out his tribulation with Insurance Company on the WTC subject. The expression "Corpses Profiteer" come very often.... :evil:

    On the subject of "False Flag" events I'm all there with you Mr.A. It is the nature of Government to take every opportunities that advance their political agenda and insure the power class monopoly of governance. These opportunities a sometime premeditated or simply a cruel set of circumstances. The first are usually simple and crude, the second are often complex and intricate. IMHO September 11th is in the second category.

    The Oklahoma Bombing. Man, I'm all with you on this one. It stink! To many unanswered questions, way to many. Anti-Gun agenda big time here.... :evil:

    Amen. very wise words Mr.A.

    Agree and well said. "Terrorist" is an Orwellian word that is to many time represent some poor dude that simply sick of getting step on his face. But please remember that there is these elements that play the nasty game of "scapegoat the American". They do this to cover up their mediocre and backward views of the world and don't hesitate to kill us in the process.

    Cheers and the Best!