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    Went to the gun range yesterday. It was the first time in this particular store, since I am new to the area. They have most every brand of gun, and rent guns, but did not have any Steyrs. I ask them why and they said they had some, but they broke down too much. I told them steyrs were very reliable, and my S40 had been a very good gun, and he said the S40 was a good one, and the older Steyrs were better than the new ones. Has anyone seen a difference in quality in the old vs. new steyrs? It would be very disapointing if that were the case. I have not heard of anything so far.
    On a brighter note, I had been very disapointed in the accuracy I had obtained with my S40. One of the people there worked with me for about 1/2 hr and my groups dropped from 8 - 10 inches down to 1 1/2-2 inches.
    Yes, I'm smiling! :D :D :D I like my Steyr even better now, and hope to continue to improve. The guy working with me shot a ragged hole at 7 yds. so I know the gun outshoots me by far.
    A couple of his comments I took with a grain of salt were 1.that most people find the Steyr uncomfortable. 2. He doesn't like Glocks, but he shoots well with them, so that is what he carries. I wonder if he isn't just a Glock fan trying not to look biased?
    Any way, he was VERY helpful, and I liked the range, so I will go back - with my Steyr. Next step, get the wife going too!
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    sounds to me like a "closet Glockster"................or possibly a Glockaholic..........:lol:

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    I doubt there's a difference in durability between M and M-A1 series; the slide is the same and the frme only been remolded (same internals) if anything the lack of manual safety is one less thing to break...

    But the other forum range owner from Edmonton said that they broke a trigger return spring on their range Steyr in only 2 weeks... (he's wating for the part now) :?

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    What were the things the Glockaholic showed you that helped so much?