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4570GOVT said:
Thank's guys that was some real helpful info.

The roll pin is in the middle of the trigger. I had an old Shotgun News that had the add for the promotion. The gun in the picture has the pin at the bottom.

Does anyone know what part of the slide was reworked. I would assume it was the ejection port, since I read some post about being hit in the forehead by brass. Ah, fond memories of my first two 1911.

I did notice some burrs on the slide at the bottom of the slide. May not be an issue but I think I will remove them. I would hate for them to wear the aluminium frame rails out. Does not appear to ride on that part of the dovetail.

As far as selling it, the only reason I'm considering it, is I'm a big 1911 fan. Just trying to simplify my ammo requirements. I have over 1600 rnds of 45 acp compared to 280 rnds of 40. Plus I have more reloading components for 45 and two guns a Kimber Ultra carry that that I always carry and a Ruger Blackhawk in 45 Colt/45 ACP. I would like to have another 1911 full size version, either another Kimber or a Colt. That way I would be able to simplify my stock of replacement parts.

I will probaly just keep it had my local gun store price it for me. I will lose my but on it , can't do that.

I guess I just need to go buy some ammo and go shoot it. If it proves reliable, I might just start carring it.

Thanks for the help.
what's the fun in only 1 caliber! :)
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