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    I've had my M40 since 2000. It's from GSI, was the promo deal with 1 10 rnd mag. I haven't shot it much maybe 100 rnds. The only problem I've had is 2 failure to go into battery. I was shooting some reloads using lead SWC's. Just tapped the back of the slide and it went into battery. I just wrote it off to the lead bullets.

    After doing a little checking for prices, I found this site and others. seems like these pistols have a few issues. Makes me want to sale it, but I would have a hard time selling it if it is going to develope problems down the road. You guys seem to have worked out some of the problems, but I've not seen anything about failure to battery on this forum.

    My gun is a low ser.# 00XXXX. It was supposed to be a factory demo gun. Did they maybe tweak these guns to work right?

    I have a 1000 questions

    Are Hi cap mags still avalible for the old style guns?
    How much is the new extractor and spring?
    What does the trigger upgrade consist of?
    Has the factory had a recall to fix these problems?
    I read on another forum that they changed the material the frame is made of, if so , why?
    Well maybe not 1000 questions.

    I really like the way the gun feels in my hand, and the way it shoots. Way better than the glock I had before it. I even like the goofey sights.

    This forum has been very informative.

    Thank you in advance.
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    first welcome to the club

    if your 2 misfeeds were with reloded SWC I wouldn't worry about it. Steyr's have a tighter chamber than other handguns so that could be the issue. I would put a few hundred rounds of factory fodder through the gun before worrying.

    There was a recall, I think it involved some minor machining of the ejection port and a trigger fix.

    If the pivot pin on the trigger is below the halfway point then it is the old trigger. If the trigger pin is above the halfway point it has the fixed trigger and probably the machined slide.

    Parts are not yet available, they hopefully should be shortly since the service center is in the process of getting up and running.

    Full cap magazines are available. The new guns use the same magazine as the old ones.

    I am not aware of any changes in the polymer of the frame

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    all the m40 mags will be compatitible, so yes. checkout on-point firearms or cdnn.

    not sure if you can get the new extractor and spring yet... but i wouldn't worry about it unless it developed problems, most don't.

    the trigger upgrade happened somwhere in the 10,000 range. the old triggers had a roll pin relatively low in the trigger, as in the bottom third of the trigger. the new triggers have the roll pin about half-way up. steyr will replace that for free from what i understand as it was a recall and all the guns in the warehouse were upgraded.

    i noticed that the casting of the sub-frame matel was much higher quality from 20,000 or so to 35,000. as far as the black plastic grip, i am not aware of them ever changing it.

    as far as failure to battery... could definitely be the ammo, not because it's lead, but maybe the gun just didn't like it. the gun is also well in its break in period with a very tightly spec'd chamber.

    i wouldn't sell it solely because you're weary of problems. alot of us have no issues and shoot the snot out of these things. the warranty/repair center will be up and running relatively quickly anyway.

    but if you just want rid of it, certainly someone around will buy it.
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    Thank's guys that was some real helpful info.

    The roll pin is in the middle of the trigger. I had an old Shotgun News that had the add for the promotion. The gun in the picture has the pin at the bottom.

    Does anyone know what part of the slide was reworked. I would assume it was the ejection port, since I read some post about being hit in the forehead by brass. Ah, fond memories of my first two 1911.

    I did notice some burrs on the slide at the bottom of the slide. May not be an issue but I think I will remove them. I would hate for them to wear the aluminium frame rails out. Does not appear to ride on that part of the dovetail.

    As far as selling it, the only reason I'm considering it, is I'm a big 1911 fan. Just trying to simplify my ammo requirements. I have over 1600 rnds of 45 acp compared to 280 rnds of 40. Plus I have more reloading components for 45 and two guns a Kimber Ultra carry that that I always carry and a Ruger Blackhawk in 45 Colt/45 ACP. I would like to have another 1911 full size version, either another Kimber or a Colt. That way I would be able to simplify my stock of replacement parts.

    I will probaly just keep it had my local gun store price it for me. I will lose my but on it , can't do that.

    I guess I just need to go buy some ammo and go shoot it. If it proves reliable, I might just start carring it.

    Thanks for the help.
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    what's the fun in only 1 caliber! :)
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    Not just one caliber. Just one caliber less.

    22 lr
    45 acp
    45 Colt
    38 spcl
    12 ga
    20 ga
    I have a lot of fun.

    I notices the sub frame is steel not aluminum.
    I debured the dovetail of the slide, now the slide feels smooth as silk. Before it felt kind of rough. Might have been the cause of my problems.

    You guys might check you slide rails to see if you have these burrs.

    Probaly caused by a dull dovetail cutter.
    I debured this area with an EZ-Lap diamond hone.
    If you look at the twelth picture down on the Maintenence tutorial it shows the slide from the back and upside down. The green area is the dovetail (slide rail). The burr was located at the upper edge of the green.

    These were no small burr, about .015" to .020" per side.

    Other than that burr, the machine work on this gun is exellent.

    I read a post where someone took the spring off the firing pin guide rod and not sure which way the bevel on the clip went. Mine has 2 clips and both bevels are facing forward.
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    I had the failure to go into battery problem,and I found out what causes it.I have done this adjustment and it cured both my S40 and my M357.Follow these links: http://www.glocktalk.com/showthread.php ... did=441962
    https://www.steyrclub.com/modules.php?na ... opic&t=671

    Read the one I listed second all the way through before clicking on the first one-Sorry,I was thinking backwards.To answer my own question,once you remove enough of the rails(not very much,don't go nuts) there is no longer any contact between the affected parts.I have put 700 rds through my M357 since the last time I did the buff job on the center rails and they do not need any more-100% functional all the way.If you have any questions PM me on the Glocktalk Steyr forum.Good Luck