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    kinda odd but when I was a kid in the 80's I had fun watching films on a projector. the audio was usually lousy and it was a messy process but still fun. sometimes we even got a free fireworks show after someone replaced a burnt out bulb in the projector and the film caught fire. 8-O

    got a local station thats run by a community college they play bunch of old horrid films. happened to have on Santa Claus Conquers the martions. lousy film but funny kinda like a car or train wreck lousy,ugly but cant turn your head.

    looked the film up online and managed to find a website that has alot of public domain and open films going back quite a few years 1930's.

    Already I have discovered some interesting movies.
    one on Automatic Voting machines from 1957,1957!!
    Behind the Freedom Curtain

    rural setting about children not very positive kinda classic rural school house like some peoples great grandparents would mention though these kids clearly have shoes.
    the children must learn

    then a Film on Despotism and Democracy with scales and descriptions of such from 1946. rather interesting.
    Despotism 1946 though one thing the films author didnt know about was double think from Orwells book. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doublethink

    good variety of films to wonder through if anybody is interested.

    more than just movies too
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    Thanks, MrA,

    Always nice to see where we've been...

    I love cheesy, b/w sci-fi flicks!

    One movie I've been trying to find from my youth is a black and white film where the aliens had a ray gun that turned Earthlings into skeletons.



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    Thought I might find Steve McQueen in the Blob, but no luck.
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    trying to find a cheesy movie that aired on hbo or showtime in mid to late 1980's was scifi had kids hiding from robots which for some reason were killing humans. kids hid in junk and scrap piles from robot patrols dressed up in robot junk. not all robots were hostile to humans they had one robot programmed to help them. they were on some sort of giant ship or space station. dont remember everything. only some 20-30 years old though cant find it was better than B quality. is a long time and old data seems to slip through cracks. to quote blade runner lost like tears in the rain.
    might not be in public domain or open source like the stuff at the archive.