Oil in firing pin channel - yay or nay?

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  1. Tweakmeister

    Tweakmeister Guest

    After a bit of reading it seems Glocks don't like any oil in the firing pin channel.

    With my M9, I usually clean the channel (it stays very clean) and then put a light amount of oil around the entire pin assembly before sliding the plastic plate on the slide, etc.

    The oil I've been using is very thin (Castrol Syntec 0w30). It's like water, but it sticks well. Unfortunately, I also experienced some light primer strikes (still debating if it's the ammo or not?).

    I'm under the "less is more" category for oil use, so I'm tempted to just oil the parts, wipe them down and never have any oil film in there (aside from the end of the pin that touches the sear).


  2. Syntax360

    Syntax360 Premium Member

    I've heard of the same thing happening to a lot of guns. I would definitely go light on the oil in the channel.
  3. ScottW

    ScottW Guest

    I haven't been oiling the firing pin channel, and I don't get light strikes, whatever that's worth. I just wipe down the pin with some Hoppe's on a patch. For cleaning inside the channel I use solvent on a Q-tip for the larger diameter section and some solvent on a pipe cleaner to get the smaller part at the breech face. My firing pin is very smooth and moves well in the channel without adding oil. I have not observed any significant wear related to lack of lube, but then again my M9 only has a bit over 1,000 rounds fired thus far.
  4. hihoslva

    hihoslva Guest

    I only oil the pin itself - BARELY.

    Basically, I put some oil on the firing pin, then wipe it all off leaving only the thinnest of residue on it. Just makes the metal feel "slick", but won't really oil your hands if you touch it.

    My Steyrs have never had a light primer strike.

    I say "nay" to oil in the channel. I never do it. The "residue" of oil on the firing pin and a clean pin & channel is more than enough.
  5. Shooter

    Shooter Premium Member

    i have never oiled the channel of any firearm....i'll pass on that one. I always clean it, but no lube.......sherrif's dept doesn't recommend it either. Glock or no Sig, sw, whatever.....
  6. NAY...unless you talking about very, very little and I mean almost zero oil. So, light you don't even think you oiled it might be the only way to go. IMO.
  7. madecov

    madecov Active Member

    Striker fired weapons don't need it.
    Oil on the striker causes some kind of pressure wave preventing the pin from striking the primer.
  8. jnclement

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    Superlube has caused any problems on mine. But I could be doing it wrong. I'm having trouble getting past the way of thinking it's a machine, it's metal, it needs oil.
  9. FlaChef

    FlaChef Guest

    but it's also a pretty much sealed area, hydraulic pressure builds as the movement of the pin is faster than any liquid in the channel can be forced out (remember your primer is flush against the opening in the front of the channel).

    I'm in the lightly spritz pin and wipe clean w/ a patch camp. Moving metal or not that pin and channell are SMOOTH and very precisely fitted.
  10. Tweakmeister

    Tweakmeister Guest

    This past time I cleaned the pin with oil, but then wiped it off with a clean/dry patch. Gun functioned great (which it usually does :lol: ).

    I have about 3k through it, and everything looks very good (very little wear).